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August 13, 2018
February 13, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of Pyramid 2018.04. This latest release incorporates more than 100 new features and improvements – approximately 40% of which were led by customer requests and suggestions. Thanks to our development team and our dedicated customer base, this release offers an even more robust, enterprise-level solution that enables users to go beyond visualization. Below are several key new benefits of Pyramid 2018.04.

Improving the User Experience

The user experience has been improved with access to Pyramid 2018.04 in seven new languages, including Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese and Spanish. Adding to the user experience, we’re going mobile! Users can now access their data and analysis anytime, anywhere, with tablet apps for iOS and Android.

In addition, Phase 1 of a customizable user and admin dashboard layout is included with this release, allowing users to personalize the application interface for improved usability and access to common functionality.

Finally, we’ve created 3 new immersive, quick tutorials to ramp up first-time users on how the application works.

Smarter, Faster, Better Data Processing

It’s no secret that the Analytics OS combats the silo epidemic with a single source of truth platform to deliver more robust analysis. In this release, we’ve extended access to even more data options from Sybase IQ, RSS feeds, and Firebird.

Increased data modeling options from Sybase IQ extend the ability to build models against alternative technologies, which delivers broader latitude for organizations to select their preferred data stack technology. In addition, a new, high-scale data join engine improves scalability for data mash-ups of disparate data sets.

Does your organization use SAP Hana? Pyramid 2018.04 offers better support for SAP Hana hierarchies and column labels, making it easier for users to analyze data.

We’ve also made the acquisition of multiple like-files from a directory easier to speed up the data flow processing, applied user-defined scripts to targeted materialized databases to improve their speed and capabilities; and added documentation to data flows for better management.

In addition, an upgraded relationship table editor with duplicate tables and custom query support paired with support for left, right, and outer joins on the in-memory engine allows better data modeling and more flexibility for real-world data applications.

Discover & Visualize More from Your Data

Several new wizards have been incorporated to help users manage complex, iterative processes.  New search capabilities, execution notifications, and list builder tools for high-volume element selections are also available.

We’ve refined control over chart settings and displays to improve the quality of the visualization.  Users have new ways of setting colors in visuals, including logic-driven ‘custom’ colors, discrete colors, and advanced color settings for KPIs and gauges. In addition, blending multiple measures in the same chart to greatly improve flexibility in the portrayal of multi-measure charts is now possible.

If presentations are how you deliver results, you will certainly love the self-refreshing capability for self-running dashboards and presentations. This new feature allows dashboards to auto-refresh or cycle with new data, delivering the most up-to-date information without having to recreate or push new data into the visualizations you present.

Content Mangement & Governance

Did you know that user adoption increases with tools that are easier and smarter? The new AI driven recommendation list in Pyramid 2018.04 helps users find the content relevant to them based on their own history of content usage and those of similar users. This feature extends how data can be extracted from the application for broader usage in other organizational workflows and applications.

And last but not least, managing enterprise-level data, use, and reporting has never been easier and more at your fingertips. Improved visibility of content creation, content use/reuse, and the inter-relationship between different content elements of the platform is a new feature in Pyramid 2018.04.

Moving forward we will continue on our path to building an even more robust Analytics OS platform with each release.

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