Avi Perez

CTO & Co-Founder

As CTO and co-founder, Avi Perez is the visionary responsible for creating, developing, and managing the Pyramid Analytics Decision Intelligence Platform. In addition to driving the company’s long-term technology roadmap, Perez oversees corporate strategy and all aspects of the company’s R&D efforts. Prior to this role, he was co-founder and development manager of Urix, a successful U.S.-based healthcare informatics company. There, he architected several proprietary Urix analytical systems and became an industry authority on the latest advances in online analytics.

Perez has a B-Com from UNSW Australia and an MBA from Yale.

Posts by Avi Perez

Pyramid is ushering in the era of generative BI. Converse with your analytics to get the answers to your data questions.
Augmented Analytics, BI Trends, Decision Intelligence

Conversational Analytics – Talking to Your Data

Pyramid is excited to usher in the age of Generative BI, where you can converse with your analytics to receive the answers to your data questions. Just by talking.

Augmented Analytics, BI Trends, Decision Intelligence

The Power of Generative AI with Pyramid

If you’re looking to take your analytics game to another level, Pyramid’s latest set of generative AI features will change the way you work. Specifically, how you analyze data, make Read more…


A unified end-to-end Decision Intelligence Platform

Pyramid 2023 is one of our most ambitious releases with 100+ new features and capabilities to support decision making.

Augmented Analytics

Pyramid Combines the Power of Generative AI with Decision Intelligence

Pyramid has integrated ChatGPT to enhance data-driven decision-making, allowing for automatic code generation & streamlined content creation across its platform.


Tabulate and Solve for Business and Decision Modeling

Pyramid’s Tabulate and Solve features enhance decision intelligence capabilities and bridge major gaps in “The Last Mile” of analytics.

BI Trends

Future CFOs—It’s Time to Free Your Inner Accountant

Tomorrow’s CFOs will face a host of new challenges and opportunities. How can decision intelligence help?

Thought Leadership

2020.13 Release Highlights

We’re pleased to introduce the next version of Pyramid Analytics. 2020.13 adds some significant enhancements to Pyramid’s trusted analytics platform. While this release delivers an impressive payload of new features, the Read more…

Thought Leadership

Pyramid 2020.10 is a perfect 10

Across-the-board enhancements make Pyramid an even stronger bet for organizations looking to make Trusted Analytics the foundation of their enterprise data and analytics strategy. We’re pleased to announce that Pyramid v2020.10 Read more…

Thought Leadership

Four Signs That You Chose the Wrong Analytics Platform

Note: this post was written for and first appeared at Database Trends and Applications: http://www.dbta.com/Editorial/Trends-and-Applications/Four-Signs-That-You-Chose-the-Wrong-Analytics-Platform-134784.aspx It’s no secret that analytics confers a significant competitive advantage on companies that successfully implement BI Read more…


Three pillars of the Analytics OS

“Data-driven organizations need to allow users to freely innovate with data while still maintaining governance, security, and control. The challenge then becomes: how can they facilitate these seemingly paradoxical objectives?” Read more…


Pyramid delivers even more powerful enterprise functionality with latest release

We are excited to announce the release of Pyramid 2018.05. This major release incorporates more than 50 new features and improvements. We listened to our customers and have delivered functionality that considerably strengthens Read more…

Thought Leadership

Pyramid’s Analytic Calculations Engine

In the most recent release of Pyramid 2018, Pyramid included a very sophisticated, multi-tiered calculation engine designed to solve the full spectrum of calculations. This comprehensive engine covers the three Read more…