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Pyramid’s business intelligence platform makes it simple to scale data prep, data science, and augmented analytics on the AWS Cloud. Within an hour, you can begin leveraging Pyramid's business analytics with elastically scalable AWS cloud services to discover insights and speed up decisions. Simply launch the Pyramid Platform from your secure AWS account.

Pyramid and AWS deliver value

Pyramid Analytics partners with AWS at many levels. Pyramid is a member of the AWS Partner Network, which helps enterprises accelerate their journey to the cloud. Pyramid is an ISV Accelerate partner, so buyers can simplify procurement and provisioning of Pyramid’s business analytics platform through the AWS Marketplace.

Business and Decision Modeling on AWS

Use the Pyramid Tabulate app to build business and decision models with complex logic waterfalls, conditions, and decision points with Pyramid on AWS. Surface machine-generated prescriptive analytics on Redshift through a simple yet powerful UI. And all without your data ever leaving your secure, governed AWS cloud.

Multi-source Direct Query

Pyramid Analytics can directly query your AWS and other cloud data sources, including Amazon Redshift, RDS, and S3. See how easy it is to start using Pyramid’s business intelligence platform for data prep, data science, and business analytics on your AWS cloud data. Blend it with other relational, OLAP, data lake sources, and files of any format, whether cloud or on-premises. Our PYRANA direct query engine provides lightning-fast performance without losing the business logic and rules defined in the source data.

Leverage your AWS Cloud Services

Pyramid’s business analytics platform deploys on Amazon’s Cloud in a virtual private cloud, leveraging AWS EC2 and Elastic Kubernetes Services with Elastic Container Registry (ECR) for scalable AWS compute. Pyramid works with other technologies such as Amazon AppFlow for application integration, AWS Data Exchange, AWS CloudFormation, and more.

Try Pyramid on AWS

Take advantage of our offer to try Pyramid’s business analytics platform with a 14-day trial on the AWS Marketplace and connect to your AWS data sources. You can provision an instance for 5 Professional users and 25 Viewers. To access enterprise capabilities, you can scale the Pyramid Platform to more users through an AWS Marketplace private offer for multi-instance deployment.

RISE with SAP on AWS

Pyramid partners with AWS on its RISE with SAP Initiative. Customers running SAP workloads benefit from AWS platform flexibility and agility and Pyramid’s analytics capabilities across SAP BW, BW/4HANA, HANA, AWS databases, and third-party databases, data lakes, cloud object stores, blob storage, relational, and non-relational stores.

Secured and governed

With Pyramid, your data never has to leave your secured, compliant, governed cloud environment. You launch Pyramid from inside your AWS CloudFormation template within a virtual private cloud and Pyramid works within the access management, data governance, and compliance policies of your AWS cloud services. You also benefit from native extended security in the Pyramid Platform. The Pyramid Platform was validated to comply with software best practices through the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR).

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Trusted by Leading Decision-Makers

“For our non-technical users, Pyramid Analytics provides upfront simplicity with the ability to drill down into deep details if you choose. That’s fantastic because our executives need to trust that those details are there, whether or not they always need them.”

Chris Pierznik
Director of Financial Systems & Analytics, St. Joseph’s Health

“Data integrity and consistency is significantly better with Pyramid, and the speed of delivery of insights is much faster.”

Global BI Manager,

“Visibility is the number one benefit. Pyramid’s Decision Intelligence platform lets salespeople see up-to-date information in half an hour to an hour every day.”

Luke Dyer
Business Intelligence Developer, Videndum Production Solutions

“With Pyramid, the time it takes to get updated day-of-data into reports has decreased by 50-75%, allowing our clients to get their reports, and act on that data, much, much faster.”


Tamryn Le Riche
Head of Pyramid Commercial South Africa, DataOrbis

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