vdek meets cost and quality requirements through self-service analytics with Pyramid Analytics.


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vdek (Verband der Ersatzkassen e.V. — Association of Substitute Health Insurance companies) is a German organization that represents the interests of and provides services to substitute health insurance companies. With Pyramid, the company can expand BI activities to gain more insight and continue to grow a data-driven culture.

vdek offers support in a range of business areas, including contract negotiations with hospitals over individual charges for medical services and overall budgets. The organization also develops software to verify hospital bills and provides advice when there are changes in the law. All of this directly impacts service provisioning to insured parties, which makes data quality and self-service discovery capabilities crucial.


By using Pyramid, vdek can optimally prepare for budget negotiations by simulating new charging systems and their associated changes. “By allowing us to simulate new charging systems, Pyramid gives us the ability to forecast the development of costs over time. That means we can already start making cost-effective decisions during the negotiation process while complying with the quality requirements for individual services,” explains Dirk Jurgen, budget negotiator at health insurer Barmer GEK.

Before choosing Pyramid, the association tested alternative solutions that lacked the necessary self-service functionality and customizability.

With Pyramid, employees can interact with the data on their own, which significantly relieves the burden on the data information management system.


With Pyramid Analytics, vdek can:

  1. Optimally prepare for negotiations utilizing forecasting to make cost-effective decisions and comply with quality requirements
  2. Balance user requirements to interact with data and make new discoveries on their own with customized administrative control to suit the needs of the organization
  3. Gain self-service discovery capabilities that balance flexibility and intuitiveness.

I find that I am always pleasantly surprised — the customer service team responds promptly, handles your requirements in the most effective way, and always finds the right solution quickly.

– MARKUS RINGS, Consultant for Data and Information Management at vdek

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