Advanced AI-driven, customizable embedded analytics

Embed fully interactive, sophisticated analytics into your applications, websites, and portals.

The fastest, most scalable AI-driven embedded analytics platform, fully customizable for your needs, with Pyramid Hub.

Pyramid Hub changes the game. Our technology revolutionizes the traditional approach of delivering embedded analytic content in enterprise applications/workflows, external portals, and OEM/white-labeled products and services. Today, Pyramid delivers the fastest, most cost-effective, and scalable platform to provide a full AI-driven self-service analytic experience.

Content consumer using Pyramid on a tablet

Embedded content consumers benefit from AI-driven and interactive features for quickly and securely exploring data and discovering trends. Users can define personalized collages of analytics content and develop new reports and analyses, lifting the burden on developers for new content, reducing costs, and driving efficiency improvements.

Data developer walking with a device

Developers benefit from a modern embedding framework, code generation and snippets, and quick embedding features, delivering content quickly and easily. Pyramid can be deployed on your choice of infrastructure, connecting to on-premises, cloud, or hybrid data. The data is always live and fully interactive, providing the insights you need to drive decisions.

Live, interactive embedding for self-service analytics

Make sophisticated analytics simple! Deliver interactive, real-time reports, dashboards, and self-service analytics. Explore embedded content with interactive drilling, dicing, slicing, quick filtering, pivot, and sorting. Increase user satisfaction with responsive, live, fully interactive content that is always current. Empower users with AI-driven Smart Insights and Chat Bots to interact with data in simple language.

With Pyramid, you can deliver leading AI-driven self-service analytic capabilities to your customers, partners, or suppliers. Gartner ranked Pyramid #1 in the Augmented Consumer Use Case and #1 in the Business Analyst Use Case in the 2023 Gartner Critical Capabilities for ABI Platforms report. This same functionality is available to embed in your applications and solutions.

Modern, responsive, and scalable embedding

Experience faster rendering and top-tier performance with lighter, faster embedding. Scale to thousands of concurrent users with a cloud-native, multi-tenant architecture. Inject lightweight code for super-fast embedded analytics. No old fashioned iframes required. Pyramid embedding delivers speed and response with a single-page design that runs “in” the page, not “on” the page. And it leverages modern standards, flexible APIs, and a clean object model for easier, faster development. Build, and deploy embedded analytics apps faster with modern frameworks on your infrastructure of choice.

A customizable embedding experience

Increase engagement and productivity by enabling users to customize their embedded analytics content with Pyramid Hub. Hub enables users and admins to customize Pyramid analytic content, creating an individual, personalized experience. Users can add their favorite Pyramid content as tiles on their landing page by browsing available content and building a collage of custom content with a simple drag and drop. Beyond the AI-driven self-service capabilities users can create new reports and analysis immediately based on secure and governed data. All within your web application.

Powered by Pyramid

Pyramid is trusted by hundreds of enterprises for OEM/white-label analytics products and services. Deliver differentiated applications and solutions with augmented analytics. Accelerate time to market with an automatic embed code generator and low-code embedding. Create a consistent brand experience with a fully customizable look and feel for your clients and end-users.

Lower TCO for embedding

Improve profits by reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and generate more revenue by improving service levels via OEM and external deployments to monetize data and analytics. With Pyramid, it’s easy to onboard new users, apply role-based permission on content and data, and configure security and user alerts. Embedded out-of-the-box usage metrics allow you to monitor user, content, and data usage. And enterprises can scale embedded content without incurring additional IT overhead.

Robust security and governance

Embedded content is secured through granular native role-based access, authentication, and encryption. Pyramid works with existing authentication technologies, including multi-factor authentication and SSO, offering extended security to content and data and is multi-tenant enabled out of the box. Pyramid’s security REST APIs enable developers to easily create any type of security interface and authorization process between their host application and Pyramid.

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