🥇 We are ranked the highest for Augmented Analytics in the 2022 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report! [Free Download.](https://www.pyramidanalytics.com/gartner-critical-capabilities/) 🥇
Highest Ranking in the 2022 Gartner CC Report [Free Download.](https://www.pyramidanalytics.com/gartner-critical-capabilities/)

Featured Videos

Introduction to the Decision Intelligence Platform

Introducing.. The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform.

Dr. Lorien Pratt on Decision Intelligence – tech12 2022

Dr. Pratt came to our joint conference with #tech12 and presented the new and growing field of #DecisionIntelligence.

Truth or Myth? Data-driven decision-making will never reach non-technical people

Even people without technical skills can gain insight from analytics and BI.


BI Trends Decision Intelligence

CDAO UK 2022: A fresh approach to business analytics

Pyramid's Simon Adler sat down with Catherine King at CDOA UK 2022 to discuss common analytics challenges.


Decision Intelligence Platform Overview

See what the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform can do in just 2 minutes.

Data-to-Decision: A Fireside Chat with DataOrbis

We speak with DataOrbis to learn about their decision intelligence needs and why they chose Pyramid.


Truth or Myth? Data must be replicated and isolated for secure analytics

Must data always be replicated and isolated for secure downstream analytics?

BI Trends Decision Intelligence

Leadership Insights: Intelligence Tools and AI

Mike Vizard talks to Pyramid Analytics CEO Omri Kohl about why business intelligence tools need to be augmented with AI.


Truth or Myth? Data-driven cultures require a departmental approach to analytics

A single ABI platform can work for all people and departments, despite a wide range of skills, needs, and requirements.


Analyze SAP data without moving data

Jakki Geiger and Matt Chapin discuss the SAPinsider event and the great conversations they had with SAP customers.

Decision Intelligence Events

Dr. Lorien Pratt – How to make decisions

In a world of limited resources—how do you make decisions?

Decision Intelligence Events

What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Decision Intelligence?

Are you confused about the difference between artificial intelligence and decision intelligence?

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