Paving the Way into the Future of Healthcare, Pyramid and Tigma

October 11, 2023

In this engaging webinar “Paving the Way into the Future of Healthcare”, we explore the dynamic landscape of healthcare and unveil how you can stay ahead by harnessing the power of Pyramid Analytics and leveraging Tigma Technologies’ consulting services. Join us as we navigate the evolving healthcare terrain with insights and expertise.

Our host, Claudia Coppens, Director of Sales and Customer Success at Tigma Technologies, is joined by Steve Murthey, Director of Partners, and Joe Beaubien, Director of North American Sales Engineering at Pyramid Analytics. Together, they illuminate the path to success in healthcare.

Our webinar is structured in three informative parts. First, we delve into the present and future state of healthcare, drawing insights from the latest Gartner predictions report. The healthcare sector, a prolific data generator, is grappling with various challenges, including shrinking margins, heightened patient expectations for digital innovation, evolving care models, cost containment pressures, intensified competition, and the entry of tech giants like Amazon, Walmart, Apple, and Google.

According to Gartner, the industry is poised for significant transformations. Amazon’s emergence as a claims-free payer, the shift from hospital beds to home-based care, enhanced connectivity among patients, payers, and providers, and the adoption of telehealth plans by employers are some key trends to watch.

By 2026, Gartner predicts a substantial shift of first-contact care delivery from emergency departments to patients’ homes, as well as a transition from traditional patient portals to digital front door solutions for engaging patients. This shift is driven by the need for multiple touchpoints for data, evolving revenue cycles, and new business models.

To accelerate health value delivery, real-time, automated, interoperable data and workflows are essential, mirroring Amazon’s ecosystem-like approach in healthcare operations.

Joining forces, Pyramid Analytics and Tigma Technologies offer a potent combination to accelerate your healthcare organization’s journey. We help you improve financials, navigate digital innovation, and embrace hyper-automation, ultimately leading to enhanced patient outcomes and streamlined operations.

The future of healthcare is evolving rapidly, and our webinar equips you with the knowledge and tools to not only adapt but also thrive in this dynamic landscape. We thank you for joining us and invite you to explore the remarkable synergy between Tigma Technologies and Pyramid Analytics.

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