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Speed Up the Journey from Data-to-Decision

Pyramid’s Business Analytics Platform is a frictionless, integrated, no-code, AI-driven platform that combines data prep, data science, and business analytics capabilities. Everyone can self-serve by directly accessing multiple data sources across their environment with a tailored experience. The analytics stack is simplified and less complex, with a lower total cost of ownership.


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Meaningful Analysis with Integrated Data Prep

Our no-code, point-and-click data prep module connects, mashes up, cleans, and enriches without moving data from the source.

Virtual semantic models hide database complexities while enhancing the analytical experience for querying and analysis. Sophisticated, complex functions and hierarchies can be easily built.

Build Interactive Analysis in Minutes

Users can access six modules for analyzing and visualizing data, including our data visualization toolset with slice, dice, and drill down for data discoveries; point-and-click graphical designers for building analytic storyboards and publications; and a familiar spreadsheet interface for building and consuming business models.

The analytics suite is designed for all user types, from novice to pro, complete with advanced wizards, a no-code UI, and AI to drive sophisticated analyses.

Faster Decisions with AI and Machine Learning

Our data science and machine learning modules prepare data for use. We enable training and testing using out-of-the-box ML libraries, Python, or R.

Machine learning is leveraged to spot trends, build what-if scenarios, understand clusters, and get visualizations that are best fit for analysis.

Get Super-fast Performance with PYRANA

Multiple data sources connect easily and directly. These include relational, OLAP, data lakes, and files of any format. Our PYRANA direct query engine provides lightning-fast performance.

Simple to complex queries are built without losing the business logic and rules defined in the source data.

Elevate Self-service with AI-guided Workflows

In just a few clicks, analyze models, identify relationships and patterns, find outliers, and build dashboards.

The next best action is found while exploring data and discovering insights. Automated insights such as forecasting, Pareto analysis, and category analysis can be used for your dashboards.

Deploy in Cloud, On-premises, or Hybrid Environments

Pyramid’s Business Analytics Platform is designed to scale for multi-cloud and hybrid deployments with its out-of-the-box functionality to leverage any cloud infrastructure – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or other clouds.

Whether you are self-hosted in the cloud or on-premises—or both—Pyramid gives you the power to launch the experience to more people easily with its browser-based experience.

Intelligent decisions start here.

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Trusted by Leading Decision-Makers

“For our non-technical users, Pyramid Analytics provides upfront simplicity with the ability to drill down into deep details if you choose. That’s fantastic because our executives need to trust that those details are there, whether or not they always need them.”

Chris Pierznik
Director of Financial Systems & Analytics, St. Joseph’s Health

“Data integrity and consistency is significantly better with Pyramid, and the speed of delivery of insights is much faster.”

Global BI Manager,

“Visibility is the number one benefit. Pyramid’s Decision Intelligence platform lets salespeople see up-to-date information in half an hour to an hour every day.”

Luke Dyer
Business Intelligence Developer, Videndum Production Solutions

“With Pyramid, the time it takes to get updated day-of-data into reports has decreased by 50-75%, allowing our clients to get their reports, and act on that data, much, much faster.”


Tamryn Le Riche
Head of Pyramid Commercial South Africa, DataOrbis

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