Get more from Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a fully managed, highly scalable, cloud-based enterprise analytics database service. It is an ideal Big Data solution for organizations seeking to analyze large datasets while reducing their infrastructure and operational overhead. Now, with Pyramid, you can take your data further.


Direct Query

Query Google BigQuery data directly using Pyramid’s native connection capabilities


Ingest any data stored in Google BigQuery into Pyramid and mash it up with other sources

Model Target

Designate Google BigQuery as a model target for other data sources

Using Pyramid, users can easily query Google BigQuery data without extracting it from the cloud or manipulating it reduce the data footprint. Best of all, by querying Google BigQuery directly, Pyramid displays the results in real time.

Gain a holistic view of your business by ingesting Google BigQuery directly into Pyramid and combining it with other sources.

Pyramid users can designate Google BigQuery as a model target, meaning you can build models out to Google BigQuery instead of just reading from them.