Data Innovation with Control: Snowflake and Pyramid Working Together

The most successful companies in the world are data-driven. In the era of data, machine learning, and AI, organizations need to become data-empowered to remain competitive or risk becoming digital dinosaurs.

As data expands and becomes less structured, organizations can no longer rely exclusively on traditional databases and data warehouses, nor can they rely on legacy or self-service analytics and business intelligence tools to query this data. Recognizing this challenge is easy. Doing something about it is the hard part.

Regarding database technologies, speed, concurrency, and simplicity matter. That’s why Snowflake has become one of the leading cloud data technologies on the market today. To harness the power of Snowflake, many modern analytic and business intelligence platforms describe the ease with which they can connect to your Snowflake environment. Yet configuring the environments is more difficult than anticipated, and connection issues persist—in some cases, you cannot connect to your Snowflake data at all.

In a sea of hype, Pyramid’s business analytics solution represents the ideal complement to Snowflake’s high-performing database technology, especially in enterprise environments that have a combination of legacy and next-generation infrastructure running on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. Pyramid can directly query Snowflake without transferring data to perform “in-place” analytics or write back custom models to SnowFlake, ensuring all analytic data is kept in one place.

Data Innovation with Control: Snowflake and Pyramid Working Together


Making the Sophisticated Simple

Drag-and-drop data preparation, analytics and Machine Learning

Rapid Deployment & Configuration

Pyramid promotes rapid deployment and configuration with Snowflake environments

Balanced Governance & Self-Service

Sophisticated browser based self-service analytics with central management and security

Scalability & High Uptime

Multi-tenant, enterprise-grade server architecture, yet simple installation for on-premises and cloud deployment

Total Cost of Ownership

Highly competitive licensing for integrated end to end analytics

Snowflake and Pyramid: Better Together

The internal query and calculation engine in the Analytics OS™ offers one of the fastest analytic engines in the market. While Pyramid includes its own high-performance in-memory engine, customers can choose to use SnowFlake to store custom data models, leveraging existing data technology investments. Pyramid also can use Direct Query into SnowFlake databases to perform “In Place” analytics.

Universal Query & Data Stack

Experience Analytics at Scale

Pyramid provides in-depth Machine Learning algorithms that may be applied to raw data while loading into SnowFlake, or applied at aggregate levels for analysis, while keeping all analytic data in a single data management platform. Ingested data from multiple sources, blended with SnowFlake sourced data, can be written to and managed in the SnowFlake platform.

Connecting to and managing the SnowFlake platform is simple, easy and quick. There are no special tables to create, nor complex joins to define. Pyramid simply snaps onto your SnowFlake server which becomes instantly available for analytics.