Align Your Data with Your Workflow

Your Platform Should Conform to You,
Not the Other Way Around

Say goodbye to complicated workarounds. Say hello to fast, accurate decision-making. Pyramid’s cutting-edge Java platform integrates with your current systems and aligns with your existing business processes, so your business intelligence and data visualization tools never get in the way of your workflow.

Flexible Deployment

Pyramid’s architecture allows distinct and independent services to scale dynamically to match demand. Pyramid can scale to your ecosystem in the most cost-effective and resource-efficient way. Whether you are self-hosted in the cloud, on premises—or both—Pyramid gives you the power to customize the experience to match your exact needs.

Deployment Options

Pyramid is designed to scale up and out to meet the needs of enterprise organizations as well as mid-market businesses. Pyramid provides server-based distributed processes, which are vital for scalable support of higher numbers of users and workloads.

Our cutting-edge Java platform can be readily deployed into any environment, so you can build and implement an enterprise architecture that meets your business model and your data strategy.

For hybrid deployments, users can access data across any environment. Your data architecture is designed according to your needs, not the requirements or limitations of a specific BI vendor. Data models can be built on remote data sets, regardless of location or domain, no VPN required. Don’t pull your data to the model—model the data where the data lives.

Built for Better Business Decision-Making

Deploy Pyramid in almost any destination framework, maximize the value of your existing infrastructure, and realize your full enterprise analytic strategies.

Coupled with the ultra-fast Pulse Server for remote and secure multi-network data access, Pyramid can comfortably support any deployment in any configuration.

Pyramid is architected for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid deployments to scale up/down modularly to meet increased demand on the user-side and increased data volumes at the back-end. It’s data, democratized.

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