The BI & Analytics Survey 24 – BARC


Discover the industry’s most comprehensive report* on BI and analytics software based on real user experiences. With 1,480 user responses, this is your guide to understanding how other organizations and users rate leading BI & analytics solutions. 

How BARC ranked Pyramid Analytics: 

  • 35 Top rankings! 
  • Ranked in leading positions 41 times 
  • Perfect score (10) for Embedded Analytics and Flexibility  

Top ranked in the following categories:  

– Data Prep, Embedded Analytics, Operational BI, Advanced & Predictive Analytics, Visual Analysis, Dashboards & Reports, Distribution of Reports  Benefit from the highest quality solutions for your success 
– Functionality, Flexibility, Innovation  Pyramid Analytics excels across the board 
– Business Value, Project Success, Vendor Support  Lower your TCO 
– Customer Satisfaction, Competitive Win Rate  Know you’re making the right choice 


Why the BI & Analytics Survey 24 Matters: 

  • Make Better Informed Decisions – Get the inside scoop on BI & Analytics solutions before you buy. 
  • Optimize Your Analytics – Learn how Pyramid Analytics can transform your business. 
  • Comprehensive Insights – From purchase to deployment, the report has it covered. 
  • Global Perspective – Gain insights from users worldwide. 


Download a copy of Pyramid’s highlights report today 

*This study was prepared by BARC, an independent market analyst firm. For more information, go to https://barc.com/de/reviews/ and https://bi-survey.com .