🤖💬 Pyramid expands AI-Driven Decision Intelligence with new OpenAI integration [Read the Press Release.](https://www.pyramidanalytics.com/company/news-room/pyramid-analytics-chatgpt-openai/) 🤖💬
🤖💬 Pyramid expands AI-Driven Decision Intelligence with new OpenAI integration [Read the Press Release.](https://www.pyramidanalytics.com/company/news-room/pyramid-analytics-chatgpt-openai/) 🤖💬

Data Science. No Longer Just for Data Scientists.

With data growing exponentially, the only way to mine your data for better insights and to make better decisions is to let machines do the learning. Data science and machine learning are the cornerstones of automated decision intelligence and represent a foundational discipline in Pyramid’s Decision Intelligence Platform. Our artificially intelligent tool uses deep learning and predictive modeling to make difficult-to-understand data readable and usable by all.

Powerful Data Science. Powerful Decisions.

Pyramid exposes data science and advanced business analytics to everyone by facilitating both data scientists and business users in the same unified platform. Identify new use cases and act upon those opportunities by extending capabilities to anyone in the organization, no matter their level of technical proficiency. Pyramid’s machine learning platform gives your entire organization the ability to make powerful data-driven decisions.



Solve for Decision Modeling

Solve is an engine that can generate prescriptive and optimization solutions based on user-designed decision models designed through a no-code/low-code paradigm in Tabulate. The Solve plug-in leverages the familiar business modeling capabilities of Tabulate. Business users can build models with complex logic waterfalls, conditions, and decision points, using the entire suite of spreadsheet formulas. Solve delivers true decision intelligence on live data—answering both “What should I do” questions and “What if” simulations that can be embedded in a Present dashboard.

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One platform for everything, including data science

Data Science in The Box

Deploy data science and apply machine learning models to data across the organization to drive intelligent decisions on the same platform that everyone is using for business analytics and data preparation.

Democratized data science with no-code analytics tools

Enable Citizen Data Science

Use Pyramid’s no-code platform to provide people of all skill levels, from experienced data scientists to business professionals, with access to data science capabilities with just a few clicks. Self-service data science brings your organization into the next era of intelligent decision-making, so actionable insights come from every untapped level of your company.

Advanced Data Science with support for R and Python

Advanced Data Science

Enable data scientists to write or leverage existing programming language scripts, such as R and Python, and then share them with others across the organization. Using a classic “learn-predict” approach, allow data scientists to easily train machine learning models and deploy them into production.

Data Science Done Right

Transform Your Business

Understand your customers, predict behavior, uncover opportunities, innovate quicker and make precise decisions with the power of data science for all of your decision-makers.

Deploys Fast

With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, deploy data science faster than ever —from the simple to the sophisticated, for any business user in your organization.

Promotes Adoption

Pyramid’s DSML provides better insight—and better insight yields better decision-making. Empower your entire organization to make more impactful, informed decisions.

Intelligent decisions start here.

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AI-Driven Decision Intelligence for Anyone

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