Finally, A Self-Service Analytics Platform
That’s Worth The Investment

New business intelligence solutions are usually a risk. Beyond initial set-up, more investment is usually needed to get insights you can actually use. Pyramid does the opposite, lowering the total cost of ownership of enterprise analytics with powerful, easy-to-use self-service tools.

Capitalize on explosive data growth

With PYRANA (the world’s fastest analytics engine on the market), you can instantly connect to any data source directly and query any amount of data.

Capitalize on demand from the C-Suite to the frontline

A no code, point-and-click browser experience empowers everyone to make more data-driven decisions.

Capitalize on the growing demand for more powerful analytical capabilities

With managed access to any data for any person, governance and security are built in. Sophisticated analytics and data science happen on Pyramid’s unified platform without writing a line of code.

“This is a true enterprise-ready BI suite—a real solution that works for both IT and business groups.” – Jim Hermens, General Manager, Blackboard Analytics