Pyramid Analytics Ascends to the Large/Enterprise-Wide Implementations Category in BARC BI & Analytics 22 Report

November 11, 2021

LONDON, NEW YORK CITY and TEL AVIV, Israel – November 11, 2021 – Pyramid Analytics announced today that BARC (Business Application Research Center), a leading European analyst firm, elevated Pyramid’s Decision Intelligence Platform to the Large/Enterprise-Wide Implementations category. Pyramid received 40 Top Rankings (1st place) and 87 Leading Positions (top 22-33% or top 2 products) in its 6 peer groups in The BI & Analytics Survey 22. Based on a sample of 2,478 survey responses, the BARC report offers an unsurpassed level of user feedback on 30 leading business intelligence (BI) solutions. BARC is one of Europe’s leading analyst firms for business software, focusing on the areas of data, business intelligence and analytics (ABI).

Key Points:

  • 100 percent of customers surveyed would recommend Pyramid Analytics.
  • 97 percent of users rate Pyramid’s functionality for creating dashboards as excellent or good, beating the average rating by 82 percent.
  • 91 percent of users rate Pyramid Analytics‘ vendor support as excellent or good. This is in sharp contrast with just 65 percent for the average BI tool.
  • 88 percent of users rate Pyramid Analytics‘ price to value as excellent or good; notably higher than the 71 percent for average tools.
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BARC Net Assessment

“It has been another great year for Pyramid Analytics, scoring 40 top ranks and 87 leading positions across its six peer groups. Pyramid performed especially well in comparison to its rivals in the Large/ Enterprise-Wide Implementations peer group, where half of its top ranks came,” the report’s authors wrote, adding that “Pyramid customers clearly benefit from using the software. We asked customers to rate their level of achievement of 11 different business benefits. Pyramid scored well above average in almost all these benefits. Compared to other vendors in the survey, Pyramid customers are especially likely to be able to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.”

“Compared to other vendors in the survey, Pyramid customers are especially likely to be able to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.”

BARC determined that the Pyramid Analytics Decision Intelligence Platform deployments, use cases, functionality, and performance met its requirements for Enterprise-Wide Implementations; is well-suited to support a broad range of BI and analytics use cases and large numbers of end-users in multiple roles; and is capable of managing Big Data without compromising critical factors such as query response time, flexible self-service, and ease of use.

Complete, Integrated Decision Intelligence

Only Pyramid’s Decision Intelligence Platform unifies Data Preparation, Business Analytics, and Data Science on a single, integrated platform. This eliminates the need to use disparate, multiple tools and the associated license cost and management complexity. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), rapid rollout, and industry-leading user adoption means faster time to value.

The Pyramid Analytics Decision Intelligence Platform can be deployed on-premises, into a private or public cloud, embedded into other apps from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Independent Software Vendors (ISV) or delivered through Managed Services Providers (MSP).

Voice of the Customer

“A powerful platform with an abundance of well-thought out, integrated features and functionality. Fast, modern and sophisticated without being complicated.” Head of BI & Analytics Competence Center, Retail Industry, >2,500 employees

“A polished product supported by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team.” CIO, Energy Industry, >2,500 employees

“A great product. Flexible and excellent self-service [BI & Analytics].” BI/Analytics Leader, Manufacturing Industry, >2,500 employees


Carsten Bange, Founder and CEO, BARC: “If you are considering buying a BI product, you really need to know how other users and organizations rate it. The BI & Analytics Survey 22 captures what end users really think about the BI products they use. Input from Pyramid Analytics customers and our own assessment of its ABI platform revealed continued innovation. Pyramid Analytics is a growing vendor with an increasing presence in the market. Its product is highly competitive, as the results in The BI & Analytics Survey 22 show. It is therefore unsurprising to see it has a high win rate when competing for new deals. I am eager to watch their progress over the next year.”

Omri Kohl, CEO & Co-Founder, Pyramid Analytics: “We place tremendous value on The BI & Analytics Survey because BARC provides a painstakingly thorough analysis and, importantly, draws from real-world, hands-on experience. I thank Carsten and his team for their diligent research. And I am proud that the Pyramid Analytics Decision Intelligence Platform is again top-ranked or in a leadership position in all categories that mean the most to enterprise customers.”

Download a complimentary copy of Pyramid highlights in The BI & Analytics Survey 22 from BARC now.

About Pyramid Analytics

The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform unlocks the strategic value of enterprise data for everyone in the modern workforce. Only Pyramid unifies Data Preparation, Business Analytics, and Data Science in a single Analytics and Business Intelligence (ABI) environment. Pyramid combines the performance of advanced predictive analytics with an intuitive user interface (UI) and AI guidance. Everyone from data scientists to non-technical business teams gets the user experience (UX) they need to make informed decisions: Real-time, self-service access to trusted data; customized and contextual reports; and interactive and actionable analysis. Schedule a demo.

Pyramid Analytics is incorporated in Amsterdam and has regional headquarters in global innovation and business centers, including London, New York City, and Tel-Aviv. Our team lives worldwide because geography should not be a barrier to talent and opportunity. Learn more at Pyramid Analytics.

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