Transcend the Barriers to AI-Driven Analytics

November 16, 2023

We were joined by Mavent Analytics, a trusted expert in data and analytics, to discuss how you can harness AI-driven analytics and accelerate adoption across the enterprise.

During this event, participants gained valuable insights about:

● Crafting compelling content that empowers end users to leverage AI-driven self-service analytics effectively.
● Exploring the out-of-the-box capabilities available to citizen data scientists and unlocking the potential of the Pyramid platform to deliver advanced, custom-built analytics solutions.
● Witnessing firsthand how to seamlessly integrate externally developed advanced AI models into the Pyramid platform using open-source technologies.

Speakers included:
Tony Lopykinski– Principal of Mavent Analytics,
Abhishek Sharma- Senior Advisor of Mavent Analytics
Peter Morris– Sr. Director, Partner and Channel Sales for Pyramid Analytics
Yash Dalal– Solutions Engineer at Pyramid Analytics

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