Unleashing the Power of Embedded Analytics with Pyramid and Onesix

October 25, 2023



The most successful companies make data-driven decisions to enable business growth and establish their competitive advantage. But consolidating data in a data warehouse and building high-level dashboards that represent the state of the business is only the first step. The valuable insights gained from the data need to be disseminated.   

Embedded analytics changes the game. Powered by Pyramid, embedded analytics places insights at the point of need—in your applications, websites, and portals.  

Join Pyramid Analytics and OneSix as we delve into the power of embedded analytics and its potential to revolutionize your organization’s decision-making process. During this webinar, we’ll cover:  

  • The compelling reasons to consider embedded analytics  
  • A live demo of Pyramid’s platform—the fastest, most scalable AI-driven embedded analytics platform  
  • How a healthcare software company is driving business results with embedded analytics 

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