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Introduction to the Decision Intelligence Platform

Introducing.. The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform.

Dr. Lorien Pratt on Decision Intelligence – tech12 2022

Dr. Pratt came to our joint conference with #tech12 and presented the new and growing field of #DecisionIntelligence.

Truth or Myth? Data-driven decision-making will never reach non-technical people

Even people without technical skills can gain insight from analytics and BI.


BI Trends

How to Create a Culture of Analytics

The great analytics race has begun. What separates the leaders from the rest is a measured data strategy that features…

BI Trends

Why You Need to Go Beyond Visualization

Watch influencer Ronald van Loon and Pyramid Analytics’ Principal Technologist Ian Macdonald in this informative webinar.


Governance & Self-Service: Meet the needs of end-users and management

Are you struggling to scale your analytics platform? Does it seem impossible to balance governance and self-service analytics?


Private Cloud & Hybrid Deployments with Pyramid Pulse

Pyramid’s Pulse Engine makes hybrid deployments of on-premises and cloud analytics efficient, fast, and secure.

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