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Introduction to the Decision Intelligence Platform

Introducing.. The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform.

Transcend the Barriers to AI-Driven Analytics

AI is quickly becoming an essential tool for organizations to maintain their competitive edge. However, navigating the fast paced, ever…

Truth or Myth? Data-driven decision-making will never reach non-technical people

Even people without technical skills can gain insight from analytics and BI.


BI Trends

Driving BI Engagement in the Business Community

The value of data is increasingly well understood. But many find it hard to maximize that throughout their business.


Valuable Insights Using Forecasting

While ABI platforms help people understand what happened in the past, most want to understand what’s going to happen next.


How to Take Your Embedded Analytics Further

Watch How to Take Your Embedded Analytics Further to learn about Pyramid's highly flexible and powerful embedded analytics capabilities.

BI Trends

Why You Need to Go Beyond Visualization

Watch influencer Ronald van Loon and Pyramid Analytics’ Principal Technologist Ian Macdonald in this informative webinar.


Governance & Self-Service: Meet the needs of end-users and management

Are you struggling to scale your analytics platform? Does it seem impossible to balance governance and self-service analytics?


Private Cloud & Hybrid Deployments with Pyramid Pulse

Pyramid’s Pulse Engine makes hybrid deployments of on-premises and cloud analytics efficient, fast, and secure.

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