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Introduction to the Decision Intelligence Platform

Introducing.. The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform.

Transcend the Barriers to AI-Driven Analytics

AI is quickly becoming an essential tool for organizations to maintain their competitive edge. However, navigating the fast paced, ever…

Truth or Myth? Data-driven decision-making will never reach non-technical people

Even people without technical skills can gain insight from analytics and BI.



Decision Intelligence Directors Series–Clarke Analytics

A fifteen-minute conversation between Pyramid Analytics' Kate Tickner and Clarke Analytics' Dave Clarke.


Data to Decision: Modern analytics for business challenges

Learn how to bring transformative decision intelligence to your organization in just fifteen minutes!


Key Capability: Business Analytics Overview

See how the Pyramid Platform can help with a wide range of Business Analytics needs in just a few minutes.


Quick tour of the OpenAI integrations in the Pyramid Platform

OpenAI is integrated throughout the platform—including the data preparation, data science, business analytics, spreadsheet, storyboard, and publication designer modules.


Decision Intelligence Directors Series–Camden AI

Learn how Camden AI helps users to maximize value from their data through analytics tools powered up by emerging technologies.


Data to Decision: Building Value through Augmented Analytics

Learn how to build value through augmented analytics in your solution in just fifteen minutes! With Pyramid, it just works.


Decision Intelligence Directors Series–Ascot London Consulting

Learn how customer-centric Ascot London Consulting helps companies maximize the value of their data.


Data to Decision: Authoring, Analytics, and SAP

Learn how to strengthen your existing SAP investments with direct query capabilities in just fifteen minutes!

Decision Intelligence

Say Hello to Decision Intelligence

Making business decisions is tough. Pyramid can help. Say hello to decision intelligence.

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