Key Capability: Business Analytics Overview

April 5, 2023

The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform combines Data Prep, Data Science, and Business Analytics in a frictionless application.

Business Analytics, the focus of this video, is comprised of 6 modules that allow business users to operate the data factory for decisions.

Discover facilitates data exploration and visualization. Using external semantic models or internal ones with built-in data prep, Discover lets you build queries by intuitively dragging attributes and measures into “drop zones.” These drive over 200 different visualizations that have hundreds of formatting and layout options.

Then, slice, dice, and drill into data using intuitive context menus to interrogate and explore your data. These menus let you also build point-and-click calculations; and drive operations like pivot, filter, sort, and totals.

Supercharged AI capabilities, like “Explain,” let you deconstruct results with ML in a single click. While the natural language chatbot lets you ask complex analytic questions in plain language.

Using Discover’s wizards and advanced tools, you can drive sophisticated no-code analyses and reuse them in other parts of the platform.

Formulate lets you build formulas, data lists, and dynamic KPIs through low-code graphical, drag-and-drop tools to extend the breadth and depth of your business logic. It also includes high-code interfaces for complete flexibility.

Formulate is also the venue to design custom visualizations or write R or Python ML scripts.

All formulations can be atomically stored, shared by multiple users, and reused across multiple projects.

With Present, design and build storyboards for live, interactive analytical content. Using shared content from multiple data sources concurrently, it offers full connectivity between elements. With advanced graphical tools, multiple layout options, and endless format settings, designers can build highly customized, branded presentations.

Once launched, consumers, through self-service, can slice, dice, and drill into content on their own. Or use AI capabilities, like Smart Insights, for automated analysis; or the AI-driven Chatbot to interrogate data with plain language.

In Publish, author pixel-perfect, multipage reports using graphical and formatting options like Present. Publications can incorporate the same shared visualizations, dynamic text, and infographics on the platform.

Then, in just a few clicks, schedule and distribute rendered publications to thousands of users, with personalized results, in document formats like PDF, PowerPoint, Word, or even Excel.

Illustrate lets you construct text blocks that dynamically change based on query results. You can also build infographics that dynamically change color, shape, position, and size based on data. Like other items in the analytics catalog, Illustrations can be reused in storyboards and publications to give users a different way to consume information beyond classic grids and charts.

Tabulate brings a spreadsheet interface to extend data analysis to deliver business modeling without needing a separate desktop application. Deconstruct multiple live data queries and use familiar spreadsheet formulas to create blended visualizations and business models from multiple data sources.

The Solve plug-in lets you build optimization and decision models directly in the spreadsheet using live data, which can drive what-if analysis and simulations, and prescribe actual decisions.

And best of all, live Tabulate snippets, visualizations, and Solve optimization results can be embedded in storyboards and publications and distributed to consumers without having to distribute the spreadsheet itself.

From novice to pro, Pyramid’s decision intelligence suite is sophisticated and extensive; and it will let you drive your data for truly intelligent decision-making.

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