Traditional BI is broken

Self-service business intelligence tools are not enough. The siloed approach to analytics is creating chaos and an environment of mistrust. The time to invest in a Decision Intelligence Platform is now. According to Gartner, “Decision intelligence reduces the time and effort needed to design, develop, test and deploy complicated business logic, leading to faster time to solution.”

Our Decision Intelligence Platform helps organizations turn their fragmented decision-making into a frictionless, data-driven decision process that spans the entire organization, from the C-suite to analysts to front-line workers.

Why Decision Intelligence is “What’s Next” in Data

Secure Access

De-risk data with secure, context-aware access

  • Standardize and reuse your analytics content
  • Centrally manage secure role-based access at a granular level
  • Remove the risk of moving or replicating data

Personalized Decision Making

Personalize decisions for better outcomes

  • Enhance the user experience with augmented analytics—Auto Discovery, Explain, Insights, NLP, and NLQ
  • Deliver your data and analytics for impactful decision-making
  • Ask your data anything and collaborate seamlessly in dashboards and reports

Save Time

Save money in your decision-making process

  • Experience 10x the querying performance using Direct Query against any data source
  • Deliver fast and easy data access for your decision-makers
  • Leverage existing investments in data and infrastructure and slash redundant costs

Complete, Integrated Decision Intelligence

Pyramid enables your teams to see what’s next. A holistic approach to decision intelligence consolidates all three business-critical ecosystems onto a single analytics platform. With an integrated decision intelligence approach, organizations can achieve broad business user adoption and support personalized decision-making.

Data Prep

Integrated data preparation capabilities make data more trustworthy—and essential—to your analytics and decision workflows

Business Analytics

Modern self-service analytics—which involves dashboards, reports, and data discovery—is augmented

Data Science

Data scientists and citizen data scientists unite! Pyramid provides advanced analytics for everyone, without compromise

Data Prep
to deliver trusted data

Unrivaled self-service ETL capabilities make data preparation an everyday part of the analytics workflow.

  • Empower business users with advanced modeling capabilities, without sacrificing the more sophisticated needs of professional users.
  • Configure models to supply data In-Place to best suit downstream analytics.
  • Integrate any source, including cloud, on-premises, relational/non-relational, structured/unstructured, and industry-leading technology such as SAP BW and HANA, Redshift, Snowflake, and more.

Pyramid for Data Preparation


Pyramid for Business Analytics

Business Analytics
to understand what's happening

Modern self-service delivers power for advanced users with augmented capabilities for everyday business users.

  • End-to-end business analytics that allow users to continually ask the “next” question
  • AI-driven capabilities throughout the platform, including Chat Bot, NLG, Explain This, and more
  • Multi-model, multi-source dashboards that provide a fuller picture of data from disparate sources

Data Science
for what’s next

Integrated advanced analytics and data science help organizations do more with data.

  • Leverage data science at the data prep level
  • Self-service data science brings advanced capabilities to business users
  • Lighten the data scientists’ workload, leveraging advanced AI capabilities within the platform, across all enterprise data

Pyramid Analytics for Data Science


Everything you need to master change

Change is constant—we’re here to help you make the best decisions possible.
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