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Volkswagen Group Ireland strategically steers success with Pyramid Analytics.


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When Volkswagen Group Ireland chose Pyramid Analytics to track parts sales through their dealer network, they sought a scalable, enterprise solution that offered tailored analytics to a broad range of users.

Before Pyramid, reporting consisted of hardcopies and emailed PDFs sent to dealerships (covering all five Volkswagen Group Ireland brands) that were then compiled centrally—a very labor-intensive activity. The transition to using Pyramid didn’t require months of adjustment, extensive training, or increased staffing. In fact, according to Volkswagen Group Ireland, “Users throughout the organization were able to use Pyramid really quickly. We didn’t need to send trainers onsite to educate people because there’s no big learning curve.”


With Pyramid, Volkswagen Group Ireland is able to select which of those users see which content—from detailed analysis of individual parts to summaries of dealer and brand performance. They can easily customize content relevant to specific users such as area managers and retailers, with confidence that protected data cannot be accessed by unintended users.

In particular, dealers and brand managers were amazed by how easily and quickly they could gain insights into operational improvements and revenue opportunities. Executives and decision-makers could now view the business in a comprehensive and granular way—all in one easy-to-navigate platform.


With the success that includes completing previously day-long analytical tasks in mere minutes, other successful projects are now also using the Pyramid platform. As a data-driven business, Volkswagen Group Ireland continues its world-class performance with faster, better decision-making across the enterprise.

Having the right analytics solution can make a massive impact on an organization, and Pyramid has been able to fundamentally transform how they use data. According to Walsh, “Pyramid Analytics has changed our lives. And I do mean that. It has taken time out of very arduous and very mundane tasks and has given it back to us. We now have the ability to steer the business strategically rather than reactively. Pyramid has essentially turned a light on for us.”

Users throughout the organization were able to use Pyramid really quickly. We didn’t need to send trainers onsite to educate people because there’s no big learning curve.

– BRENDAN WALSH, Head of Warranty and Customer Services at Volkswagen Group Ireland

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