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Voith FRS is a division of Voith, a global engineering company with well over 40,000 employees operating across 50 countries. When consolidation and reconciliation of reporting across the finance team, central controllers, and site controllers became too cumbersome, Voith turned to Pyramid to create a single version of financial truth.

Traditionally the financial reporting team, central controllers, and site controllers would manually extract all of their accounts data from the Oracle ERP system. Reconciliation and consolidation was done and then aggregated, with any adjustments made directly in Excel. However, this caused validation issues since members of the financial team were not using the same calculations, date ranges, or sales figures.


Pyramid brought consistency and confidence, as IT and business users worked together on how the data was displayed. For example, ensuring that everyone was using the same value for something as simple as sales numbers or order reporting. Consistent data across the division has greatly reduced the support load. And since Pyramid is embedded within the Oracle/JD Edwards interface, there is immediate responsiveness to user needs.

This consistency has also led to the ability to deploy Pyramid across any device: desktop, laptop, or mobile device without having to resave or recreate content. All sales teams have mobile devices and can view Pyramid storyboards when on the road. Rich governance capabilities have allowed BI leaders to monitor which users access which data models and at which time.


Pyramid allows great visibility into user habits. This allows admins to identify gaps in knowledge and provide any training that is needed. It also bolsters content management, showing which reports are underutilized – which could mean a need for deprecation or for improved communication efforts.

States Joanna McGurk, Global BI Manager for Voith FRS, “I would definitely say that Pyramid Analytics helped Voith be more data-driven in the decisions they make operationally and for sales areas. It definitely helped the quality of data within the finance organization.”

New users have been impressed at how simple to use the software is. With just a basic one-hour training session they are able to complete basic analysis of data on their own, and begin to create their own dashboards. Overall, rollout took just 3 weeks.

– JO MCGURK, Global BI Manager at Voith

Analytics Innovators Series: Voith

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