US healthcare organisations are benefitting from LionShare’s use of the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform.


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For over 20 years’ LionShare has acted as a data aggregator, helping healthcare organizations get close and stay close to patients, prospective patients, and physicians in their communities. The company uses Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing campaigns, and analytics to overcome client challenges around complex services, and achieve continuity of care in an increasingly reactive healthcare landscape.

To provide insights across the entire patient journey, and to encourage more data-driven decision making, LionShare looked to move beyond the limitations of its CRM system. “Reports had to be rebuilt every time and exported,” recalled Daniel Quinn, VP of Business Strategy and Analytics. “We wanted to automate the process and easily distribute reports in a much cleaner format.”

Several analytic solutions were considered, including Power BI, Qlik, and Tableau, but Pyramid won out because of its rich feature set, ease of use, and automation. “Pyramid was really the only one that ticked all those boxes,” said Quinn.


LionShare opted for the cloud version of the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform, connecting it to Microsoft Azure SQL, the cloud-based warehouse that’s used to integrate data from a range of sources. Implementation was “super easy”, according to Daniel Quinn; the only hard part was adapting the company’s data model to make the most of the Pyramid Platform.

At the backend, Pyramid’s ingestion process allowed for the transformation and standardization of data from a wide variety of sources, including clinical, financial, online, and call centers. Naming conventions with marketing-friendly language were applied, helping non-technical people become familiar with the new tool more quickly.

At the front, sets of standardized dashboards were developed, some of which are directly accessible to clients. Pyramid’s platform is a component in LionShare’s customer-facing solution, as well as an internal analytic solution for analysts.

The platform has become integral to the marketing and communication services that LionShare offers to clients, where the goal is to engage with prospects and encourage them to use their services. “Working with data in healthcare is probably more involved than anywhere else. We often provide the only analytics that traces the entire patient journey,” explained Quinn.

Dashboards and visualization features make light work of analyzing the effectiveness of marketing activity, with the ‘analyze further’ feature allowing end-users in client organizations to dive deep into underlying data. “For client marketing departments that don’t have analysts to do that kind of work, it’s huge,” said Quinn. “It’s become a real differentiator for us when we sell our services.”


“From data and statistical modeling to report publishing, Pyramid has met all our requirements,” said Daniel Quinn. “We love the presentation module of the platform, but from a day-to-day perspective, automation is the biggest win.”

Time saved is a big benefit, particularly for analysts who are freed up to focus on more valuable work instead of report building. Quinn described how it used to take between 4 and 8 hours to compile a single report. Now, with Pyramid, a build can create dozens of reports that are continuously updated.

Important for LionShare is that it democratizes data. “Simple and easy to use for non-analysts, the Pyramid Platform automates much of the reporting process and quickly gets information into the hands of our users. They are not typically statisticians, not technical; they’re just looking for answers as easily and quickly as possible,” he said.

Daniel Quinn also praised the platform for its built-in governance. Data protection is critical to the healthcare sector, which is careful not to store any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in its systems. Pyramid adds another layer of protection with rules that govern which servers, databases, and data models users can access.

Clients might have as many as 75 different sources, which makes analytics an intimidating prospect for many of them. Pyramid enables LionShare to distill it all down and make it accessible through a user-friendly interface. Built-in AI and machine learning help organizations harness data for sophisticated marketing campaigns and analyze the ROI (Return on Investment).

Daniel Quinn describes Pyramid as a carrot that encourages clients to do a lot more business with LionShare. “It has made a big difference to our sales process,” he said. “It makes data more tangible for non-technical businesses and shows them a future where they could go deeper with analytics. Seeing our product demos has definitely helped generate new business and it keeps teams excited about the dashboards.”

The relationship with Pyramid has been the icing on the cake. “Their support has been fantastic, I could not ask for a better partner,” said Quinn. “Everybody is very responsive – sometimes too responsive, they’re faster than I am! – and that’s been a major selling point.”

From data and statistical modeling to report publishing, Pyramid has met all our requirements. We love the presentation module of the platform, but from a day-to-day perspective, automation is the biggest win.

– DANIEL QUINN, VP of Business Strategy and Analytics at LionShare

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