Conversational Analytics – Talking to Your Data

February 29, 2024
February 29, 2024
Pyramid is ushering in the era of generative BI. Converse with your analytics to get the answers to your data questions.

Generative AI opens up the data analytics world to more capabilities, including conversing with your analytics platform. Most people who interact with data analytics are looking for answers to help them make business decisions, and don’t want to spend hours building or examining charts or dashboards. They want to be able to cross-examine the data and insights they are presented with, quickly.  

By combining the power of Gen-AI’s natural language capabilities and the PYRANA analytical and query engine, Pyramid has ushered in the ‘Conversational Analytics’ era and the start of what we call “Generative BI”.  

Why Conversational Analytics 

The ultimate goal of any data initiative is to empower all user types to make better decisions from that data. Typically, less technical people can get lost in the weeds of analytics when trying to resolve complicated questions. This may impede adoption and drive such users to leave the data out of those decisions. Pyramid gives those users the ability to get straight to their data with its conversation-centric, AI-driven chatbot capabilities, driven by the new era of large language models (LLMs). 

Large Language Models 

Usually, LLMs are good at providing qualitative responses and they excel at interpreting natural language and mimicking humans in their answers. But the downside is that they are lousy at computing real-world mathematics or performing analytic processing. In fact, they are most likely to give inaccurate responses, if not the WRONG answers. Pyramid resolves this by asking the LLM to interpret the user’s natural questions and provide a “recipe” for how to perform the operations, queries and analysis that Pyramid then executes.  

Making the Sophisticated Simple 

To further simplify this experience and handle the nuances of questions, Pyramid also exposes the interfaces through speech. With its chatbot prompting, users can ask the chatbot to do the querying and analytics for them.  And it’s not just simple queries – you can interact with the chatbot to deliver sophisticated use cases through natural speech and get a deep understanding of your data in response. 

You won’t need to use highfalutin, specific language or need a reference guide to know what to ask – just use speech that makes sense to you, in any language.  It’s as if you’re having a conversation with a work buddy: you can ask for deeper analytics, explore data sets more closely; slice, dice and filter; and, even trigger advanced analytical techniques.  But better than a co-worker you receive answers that are both fast and reliably accurate. What’s more, the AI response the chatbot gives you is human-like, making it comfortable to further engage with your data.  

Together, Gen-AI and Pyramid are enabling users to engage their data in the simplest way ever. It’s a winning combination, melding the best of LLMs with a super powerful analytics engine – ushering in the era of Generative BI. 

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