In Place Analytics: Gen BI without Moving Your Data

March 12, 2024
March 12, 2024

Adding Gen BI to your data analytics can empower your business to create any desired analytics at the speed your business runs, but CDOs, CIOs, CDAOs and CAIOs are reluctant because they worry they’d have to change their data strategy. But you shouldn’t have to change your corporate data strategy to leverage Generative BI. Pyramid’s direct query capabilities works directly off any data source, so that your Gen BI can work out of the box. So you won’t have to move data or change data strategies.

What is direct query?

Direct query enables you to make use of your existing data investments by connecting directly to any data source such as Redshift, Snowflake, Databricks, Microsoft Fabric or SAP, and support both SQL and MDX.

Fastest results

Because direct query is not copying the data, intelligence can be delivered quickly. Direct query also doesn’t require additional resources for specialist analytic engines and instead uses the power of the existing underlying database to deliver the query results. And it does this while still preserving and exposing the full depth and breadth of the analytical and mathematical operations required for sophisticated analytics.

Cost effective

Direct query is both an effective and cost-effective solution. By querying the source directly, you don’t need to copy data, which helps reduce the overall cost. The direct connection therefore eliminates redundancy and the cost of duplication, as well as any additional storage costs.

Safety first

Direct query is especially beneficial because it ensures security and governance are maintained. You’re not limiting your data access when connecting directly to the data source, your confidential data remains preserved, and the business logic remains intact without compromising on security or governance. Everybody wins in this situation.

Conclusion: A highly scalable solution

Adopting the direct query approach delivers fast intelligence, avoids data duplication and other costly cloud solutions, while maintaining security and governance.  And more importantly, direct query enables you to begin using Gen BI without needing to change your data infrastructure.

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