What does a conversation with Pyramid’s data analytics platform look like?

March 6, 2024
March 06, 2024

Pyramid’s natural language interface functionality now includes speech input and output. This means a user can ask Pyramid to conduct interactive analytic queries with refinement and context adjustment in real time, as well as construct new content such as dashboards and  reports through speech. This is a game changer for self-service, conversational analytics.

Imagine the following conversation between a business user and an AI:

Instructions via speech input can now generate queries, visualizations, KPIs, filters and insights, and the platform can then assemble these into a working, interactive dashboard.

From this conversation we can see that the AI Assistant knows about the “available metrics” and the causal relationship between company revenue and these metrics. It also knows how to generate a database query given the user input, and how to run the metrics query to get the output data.

As we can also see, a user isn’t limited to asking a question about a specific data set, but works across the Pyramid Platform, extending to designer and analytical capabilities, opening the world of data analytics, and what we call Generative BI, to any business user.

Not only can a user ask analytic questions of their data in any database, but also ask Pyramid to construct new content such as dashboards and formatted, scheduled reports through the same natural language interface.

The ability to use speech input to create new content, converse with the platform to make changes and ask follow-up questions, as well as run analytic queries all might sound like a scene from a science-fiction novel, but Pyramid already delivers all these capabilities right now.



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