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Empowering anyone to make faster, more intelligent decisions

$120M in new funding accelerates our path to become the next analytics category leader with The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform.

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What’s Next in Analytics? Say Hello to Decision Intelligence

Decision intelligence is poised to revolutionize how organizations use data to make better decisions.


Why (and How) We’re Committed to Customer Success

Customer success is the key to our own success. We strive to help our customers achieve their data-driven goals.



Smart report bursting with triggers and repeaters

As described in my previous blog post, bursting static analytic reports to recipients is still a very common “real-world” requirement—and it’s…

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Aligning Your Analytics Strategy and Company Culture

As business leaders scale their analytics investments, they rarely recognise the ROI of analytics is intimately tied to company culture.…

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Dynamic Scaling of Analytics with Pyramid on Kubernetes

Pyramid’s multi-tiered service architecture is a perfect fit for Kubernetes-based container deployment.

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How AI and ML in Analytics Supports All Users in Your Organization

The benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in analytics have been topics of discussion among industry analysts…


Delivering impact: Report bursting and distribution with Pyramid

Bursting analytic reports to recipients is still a very common “real-world” requirement—and it’s still a “real-world” headache for many organizations…

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Five Ways You Can Ensure Your Analytics Solution Takes Root and Flourishes Across Your Organization

This year, companies driven by advanced analytics and a robust data culture have proven their resilience in the face of…

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Analytics 2020 Year in Review

The disruptions caused by COVID-19 have forced companies to reinvent themselves in dozens of ways, including how they invest in…

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Pyramid’s game-changing NLQ Chat Bot lets users analyze data in whole new way

Chat bots are everywhere these days. While commonly associated with customer experience use cases, their application extends beyond answering basic…


Embedding with native HTML5

Companies increasingly need to include analytical content into their own applications and workflows, instead of having to access a separate…

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Hybrid Data Connectivity via Pulse

With increased cloud choices, and distributed servers, it is common for many organizations to have a BI server in the…

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Achieve a single version of the truth with your analytics infrastructure

Companies across industries are attempting to regain their footing as they enter a new decade. But even leading companies are…


Gaining control of your data with Master Flows

Data preparation processes (ETL) frequently require workflow capabilities to conditionally trigger other processes and send notifications (email, text, etc.) when…


Faster processing and reduced resource consumption with incremental data refreshing

It’s very common for organizations to possess large datasets that only require periodic updates on a smaller subset of the…

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Is Your Company Ready to Make Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Analytics Mainstream?

A consensus is growing among business leaders that data science can no longer be reserved for data scientists alone. Advanced…


Smart Insights for ANY Data Source

While a good report turns data into information, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform information into insights—without human…

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2020.13 Release Highlights

We’re pleased to introduce the next version of Pyramid Analytics. 2020.13 adds some significant enhancements to Pyramid’s trusted analytics platform.…


How dynamic KPIs provide better views into constantly changing datasets

KPIs play a crucial role by providing an instant and intuitive graphic view of a business’s key performance metrics. In…

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Building a Company Culture of Optimism and Success Through Trusted Analytics

Trust within a company is critical because employees must have confidence in a company’s vision, leadership and practices for the…