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Empowering Anyone to Make Faster, More Intelligent Decisions

$120M in new funding accelerates our path to become the next analytics category leader with The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform.

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Decision Intelligence: Make Better Business Choices

Decision intelligence is an evolving approach to data analytics to support business decisions of all kinds.


Why (and How) We’re Committed to Customer Success

Customer success is the key to our own success. We strive to help our customers achieve their data-driven goals.


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Data producers: best practices when preparing data insights for modern employees

A business decision supply chain contains a sequence of processes through which data owners (producers) can transform raw data into…

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BARC Survey: Power of the Platform

A new study and webinar emphasize the growing importance of an integrated approach to data and analytics. The effective use…


Configure webhooks to “push” analytics content to popular communication applications

Webhooks provide a mechanism to publish information to external applications like Microsoft Teams, Slack and other enterprise applications about an…

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Analytics Must Support Employee Decisions, Not the Other Way Around

Today’s analytics are so powerful and accessible that they can drive value-based decision-making at all levels of the organization. No…

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What lurks in the shadows?

Today’s economic climate has made it imperative that business users be able to react faster to changing business conditions. To…


Stay in the Know with Subscriptions

The administrative overload of ensuring each user receives all their reports in the right format at the right time can…

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Driving competitive advantage through (Re)Insurance Risk and Exposure analytics

In May 2018, McKinsey & Company wrote a well-regarded piece titled: “Breaking away: The secrets to scaling analytics.” The authors proposed that…

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For “Smart Analytics,” Don’t Put the AI Cart Before the IA Horse

When it Comes to AI and ML Initiatives, Build Capabilities Progressively—and Don’t Leave Your Business Users Behind Data lies at…

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A closer look at how a Business Decision Supply Chain unlocks value

A business decision supply chain contains a sequence of processes through which data owners (producers) can transform raw data into…

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It takes a platform: how to truly unleash the value of data and analytics

A new business model to manage how business decisions are made A business decision supply chain is a continuous process…


Pyramid: The optimal BI solution for SAP HANA [Part 2]

SAP customers simply want “Real self-service BI that works directly on SAP HANA.” Pyramid provides exactly that.

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Pyramid Analytics earns top rankings in 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report

Pyramid Analytics is ranked #1 for Visual Self-Service Analytics The goal of analytics and business intelligence software is simple: to…

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Pyramid: The optimal BI solution for SAP HANA [Part 1]

Pyramid provides the fastest analytic solution for SAP HANA using SQL, while still exposing all its deep analytic logic and…

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Bringing Data Into Decision-Making at All Levels of the Organization

Enterprise companies sit on vast amounts of data, typically considered assets. But it’s difficult to identify the right analytics strategy…

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Achieving Data Transformation in Your Modernisation Journey

Today’s most successful companies are driven by data. So, naturally, data analytics lies at the heart of their digital transformation. But…

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Bridging the Gap from Crisis to Opportunity with Advanced Analytics

In 2021, global companies are in the throes of digital transformation. Many of their changes are continuations of crisis responses…

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Empower Your Team Members To Become Skilled Data Storytellers

The basic ability to interpret and share insights from analytics and business intelligence (BI) is an essential skill for all…


Implementing row level security on any database

Row-level or ‘Member-level’ security is a fundamental requirement in most analytic projects controlling which data items different users can view…