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And what this means for the future of data, analytics, and decisions 

Pyramid Analytics: a Visionary in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

Pyramid a Visionary on the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™. Learn what that means for decision-makers everywhere.

Augmented Analytics

Pyramid Combines the Power of Generative AI with Decision Intelligence

Pyramid has integrated ChatGPT to enhance data-driven decision-making, allowing for automatic code generation & streamlined content creation across its platform.


Tabulate and Solve for Business and Decision Modeling

Pyramid's Tabulate and Solve features enhance decision intelligence capabilities and bridge major gaps in "The Last Mile" of analytics.



Pyramid: The optimal BI solution for SAP HANA [Part 2]

SAP customers simply want “Real self-service BI that works directly on SAP HANA.” Pyramid provides exactly that.

BI Trends

Pyramid Analytics earns top rankings in 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report

Pyramid Analytics is ranked #1 for Visual Self-Service Analytics The goal of analytics and business intelligence software is simple: to…

How-To, Platform

Pyramid: The optimal BI solution for SAP HANA [Part 1]

Pyramid provides the fastest analytic solution for SAP HANA using SQL, while still exposing all its deep analytic logic and…

Thought Leadership

Bringing Data Into Decision-Making at All Levels of the Organization

Enterprise companies sit on vast amounts of data, typically considered assets. But it’s difficult to identify the right analytics strategy…

Thought Leadership

Achieving Data Transformation in Your Modernisation Journey

Today’s most successful companies are driven by data. So, naturally, data analytics lies at the heart of their digital transformation. But…

Thought Leadership

Bridging the Gap from Crisis to Opportunity with Advanced Analytics

In 2021, global companies are in the throes of digital transformation. Many of their changes are continuations of crisis responses…

Thought Leadership

Empower Your Team Members To Become Skilled Data Storytellers

The basic ability to interpret and share insights from analytics and business intelligence (BI) is an essential skill for all…


Implementing row level security on any database

Row-level or ‘Member-level’ security is a fundamental requirement in most analytic projects controlling which data items different users can view…

Thought Leadership

Advance Your Analytics: The Art of the Possible

The journey to analytic maturity is long and complex. CIOs worldwide prioritise investment in data analytics, and the ROI of…

Thought Leadership

An Honest Look at Real Analytics Culture in the Modern Enterprise

Today’s most successful companies are driven by data. But for some companies, most of the labor associated with data analytics…

Thought Leadership

Rise of the Enterprise Data Storyteller

Originally published on Business of Data. Republished here with permission. James Calvert learned one of his most important lessons about data…


Data-driven dynamic tooltips that add even more context to Pyramid dashboards and reports

In analytics and BI applications, a tooltip can be an invaluable mechanism to display informational text when hovering a mouse…

Thought Leadership

Aligning Analytics with Business and Strategic Results

In 2020, leading companies realized the true value of their analytics investments as they weathered the economic disruptions of COVID-19.…


Data driven messaging to tell a better analytic story

Data-driven text, like data-driven infographics, can help users better learn and understand new information. Data-driven text and messages can communicate…

Thought Leadership

CDAO Digital Event Preview: Smart Analytics – How to Achieve Adoption in the Modernization Journey

Regarding contemporary business practice, data lies at the heart of every successful transformation. We strongly believe that digital transformations work…

Thought Leadership

Are We Working in Data Culture Heaven or Hell?

I’ve learned that spending time with leading analytics experts is the easiest way to appreciate their challenges. In late January,…


How to build data-driven infographics that tell a better story

Data-driven infographics can be a highly effective way to help users learn new information. The more graphically intuitive an analysis,…


Smart report bursting with triggers and repeaters

As described in my previous blog post, bursting static analytic reports to recipients is still a very common “real-world” requirement—and it’s…