Can you do analytics on large-scale data sets?

May 17, 2022

Data is exploding. The amount of data created, captured, copied, and consumed worldwide increased by almost 5,000% from 2010 to 2020 (Forbes). By 2025 the volume of data generated, consumed, reproduced, and stored is projected to reach more than 180 zettabytes from the 2020 total of 64.2 zettabytes. (Statista)

If you’re responsible for managing, securing, or analyzing the data in your organization, you’re well aware of the challenges and opportunities this extreme growth brings. Everything you would want to know probably exists somewhere in those bytes and bytes of data. Competitive advantage lies within. So organizations must be able to capitalize on their explosive data growth. But wrangling all your data and bringing it into a business intelligence tool for analysis requires heroic effort.

Today’s analytics tools have taught people that the only way to deal with large-scale data sets is to spend endless amounts of time wrangling the data from disparate sources, replicating it, bringing it into a single place, and parsing it into bite-sized data sets. Today’s BI and analytics tools rely on in-memory engines that are simply not built to handle the volume of data organizations have at hand. The tools will crash or run slowly when working with large data sets. Plus, most analytics tools have data upload limits that require people to break up large-scale data sets.

So IT people and data scientists are hired to break up the data and feed it in simplified, bite-sized pieces to the BI engine. Is this the way it must be? Is this even sustainable, given that the data volumes will only grow?

The truth is… you can do analytics on large-scale data sets by directly querying the data.

Our latest guide, Mythbusting Business Intelligence vs. Decision Intelligence, debunks the idea that analytics is impossible on large-scale data sets. With a decision intelligence platform, we show you how to query your data right where it is. Yes, even large-scale data.

The promise of decision intelligence.

We’re out to change how you think about analytics and business intelligence. As you watch your organization continue to invest in tools that fail to capitalize on the opportunity of large-scale data, we believe it’s time to dispel this and other myths or widely accepted “truths” that are simply outdated. There is a better way.

Decision intelligence enables you to instantly connect to any data source directly, query, and blend any amount of data. Check out our Mythbusting Business Intelligence vs. Decision Intelligence guidebook to see how we break down common BI myths into categories related to data, people, and analytics and show you how, with decision intelligence, you can take your analytics to the next level. Get instant access to the Mythbusting guide here (no registration required).

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