Pyramid Analytics is ranked #1 in the 2022 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report

May 17, 2022
April 24, 2023

At a recent 2022 midmarket conference, I spoke to an audience of data and analytics leaders about the difference between the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms report, and its companion document, the 2022 Gartner® Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms report. While everyone is familiar with the Gartner Magic Quadrant, many were jotting down notes as I spoke about the Gartner Critical Capabilities report.

According to Gartner, “As an essential companion to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, this [Critical Capabilities] methodology provides deeper insight into providers’ product and service offerings by extending the Magic Quadrant analysis.

Put simply, the Gartner Magic Quadrant is focused on the company (sales strategy, market awareness, channels strategy, inquiries to Gartner, etc..), while the Gartner Critical Capabilities report is purely focused on the product.

This year’s Critical Capabilities report, like last year’s, examines four use cases (Visual Self-Service Analytics, Enterprise Analytics, General Analytics, and Augmented Analytics) along with 12 Product/Service ratings.

What’s the big deal with Critical Capabilities?

Well, Gartner has been quoted as saying that the best dot position in the MQ does not necessarily mean the best product. When evaluating analytics vendors, it’s important to understand the data behind the Critical Capabilities Report, and how well the critical capabilities are met for each use case.

In fact, Gartner states that “critical capabilities are attributes that differentiate products in a class of terms of their quality and performance.” And wow, did Pyramid Analytics stand out this year.

The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform ranked #1 in the Augmented Analytics Use Case, eclipsing vendors such as Microsoft, Qlik, Tableau, Domo, Google, ThoughtSpot, and a long list of others!

Additionally, Pyramid was the only vendor to score among the top five vendors across all four use cases.

Why is Augmented Analytics important?

Gartner states that Pyramid “is notably strong compared to its competitors in augmented analytics. Its augmented analytics capabilities are supported in full direct query mode…and has well-above-average scores for automated insights, data storytelling, and natural language generation.”

Our immediate value is that we do not need to move the data into some proprietary in-memory database before performing analytics. Yet, we can still provide speed to insights at scale.

Augmented Analytics uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to make it easier for business people to prepare, analyze, and get insights from their data. It also helps data scientists by automating many of the tasks involved in developing, managing, and deploying AI and ML models.

The key here is “make it easier for business people.” With a combination of human curiosity and artificial intelligence, Augmented Analytics makes BI and data analytics accessible to more people by allowing them to ask questions and automatically generate insights from their data through simple conversational and visual interactions.

Plainly said, Augmented Analytics is critical to making analytics easy to use and driving higher adoption within your organization.

What’s next? Decision intelligence

In a world of dashboard, data visualization, and data discovery vendors, there is only one pioneering decision intelligence platform provider—Pyramid Analytics.

Decision Intelligence is what’s next in analytics, it’s the next big innovation in analytics.

Our vision is to automate the decision-making process by empowering anyone to make faster, more intelligent decisions.

The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform provides instant access to any data, tailors experiences for any person, and serves any analytics need from the simple to the sophisticated. Delivering a unified experience across data prep, business analytics, and data science, Pyramid provides frictionless integration across the analytics pipeline. And at its core is PYRANA, the fastest direct query engine on the market.

The next big innovative step in analytics is a strategic platform approach combined with governed self-service and the power of AI. AI is what puts intelligence into Decision Intelligence. It lowers the skills barrier and empowers anyone—from the C-suite to the frontline—to make faster, more intelligent decisions.

We can elevate your analytics game with any data, for any person, for any analytics need.

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