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Why can’t you integrate disparate data into a single dashboard?

A decision intelligence platform enables any person to display disparate data sources on a single dashboard.

Mythbusting, Thought Leadership

Business analytics tools are all the same. Right?

Tools are the same—a decision intelligence platform delivers insights for everyone.

Mythbusting, Thought Leadership

How many data scientists does it take to get value out of your data?

Will hiring more data scientists bring more value to your data? Probably, but citizen data scientists can too.

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Pyramid Analytics is ranked #1 in the 2022 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report

The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform ranked #1 in the Augmented Analytics use case, eclipsing Microsoft, Tableau, Domo, and others!

Mythbusting, Thought Leadership

Can you do analytics on large-scale data sets?

In-memory analytics engines can’t handle large-scale data sets. Direct query is the way.

Mythbusting, Thought Leadership

How many BI tools does an organization really need?

Too many business intelligence tools? Yep, analytics are better on a platform.

Truth or myth? It’s best to treat your IT team as a service that builds one-off reports on request.
Mythbusting, Thought Leadership

Does your IT team build one-off reports on request? Should they be doing this?

Should IT build analytics reports for the business? There’s got to be a better way.

All your data must be in one place.
Mythbusting, Thought Leadership

Myth or Truth? All your data must be in one place to analyze it and get the answers you need

It’s getting harder to bring data into one place for analysis. Is that the only way?

Thought Leadership

Driving competitive advantage through (Re)Insurance Risk and Exposure analytics

In May 2018, McKinsey & Company wrote a well-regarded piece titled: “Breaking away: The secrets to scaling analytics.” The authors proposed that breakaway companies—those who have achieved the elusive goal of analytics Read more…

BI Trends

Pyramid Analytics earns top rankings in 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report

Pyramid Analytics is ranked #1 for Visual Self-Service Analytics The goal of analytics and business intelligence software is simple: to help people make better decisions. In some cases, it is Read more…