Automated Insights

What are automated insights in business analytics?

Automated insights are a function of modern analytics tools, including some business intelligence (BI) and decision intelligence (DI) platforms. They enable virtually any person to quickly formulate insights from even complex datasets without technical expertise or substantial effort on the user’s part.

In their 2022 Critical Capabilities report, Gartner defines “automated insights” as follows: “A core attribute of augmented analytics, this is the ability to apply machine learning techniques to automatically generate insights for end users (for example, by identifying the most important attributes in a dataset).”

Automated insights are often characterized by end-user tools that simplify data manipulation. This includes natural language processing (NLP) and self-service portals tailored toward each individual’s level of data familiarity. For example, the “Explain” tool within Pyramid Analytics’ Decision Intelligence Platform features a simple right-click function that automatically generates insights with explanations in natural language.

How do automated insights work?

Automated insights begin with a query on the part of a person. Whereas traditional analytics require data scientists and other data experts to assist end users with data preparation, automated insights feature artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies that assist with data model selection and data preparation instead. Similarly, powerful AI functions generate insights and even explain those insights to the benefit of the querying individual. They then can leverage those insights for any variety of functions, such as:

  • applying those insights in individual decision-making
  • preparing those insights for a formal presentation
  • sharing those insights with colleagues directly within the decision intelligence platform where the insights reside

What are the benefits of automated insights?

Automated insights are a function of “augmented analytics,” an essential bridge between analytics complexity and personal understanding among nontechnical people. They are, therefore, a critical function of decision intelligence, the next evolutionary stage of BI. As a result, analytics-driven insights are made available and accessible to decision-makers in all roles within an organization.

Automated insights yield clear benefits to users and organizations compared to traditional analytics environments, including:

  • Higher data literacy among nontechnical decision-makers
  • Easier access to actionable analytics based on individual queries and hypotheses, no matter the scale
  • Streamlined collaboration within a trusted decision intelligence environment
  • Improved decision-making at any level of an organization

With these tools, individuals can acquire the information they need via self-service analytics and can enjoy a level of detail and interaction in data access that seamlessly contributes to each of their daily decisions. Modern decision intelligence platforms can deliver the right kinds of insights to a spectrum of people within an organization, from frontline employees to the C-Suite.

How can Pyramid Analytics help?

Pyramid Analytics is a leading provider of decision intelligence technologies, the next evolutionary stage of business intelligence (BI). The platform’s automated insights functionality provides users with streamlined access to data-driven insights through natural langue query (NLQ), self-service portals, and collaboration tools. These functions make leveraging insights for all decisions faster and easier. This improves results for individuals, teams, and their broader organizations.

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