12 Business Intelligence Myths That Are Holding You Back [Infographic]

June 15, 2022

Is your organization being held back by outdated beliefs about BI and analytics? Would you know if you were? BI and analytics tools have been around for decades. So while there are many tried and true benefits of these tools, they also come with some serious shortcomings that have been perpetuated by limiting beliefs about what’s possible.

Consider this: enterprises will generate and manage 60 percent of the 163 zettabytes of data by 2025. This explosion of data is wreaking havoc on the lives of data analysts and decision-makers trying to wrangle their organizational data for competitive advantage. Meanwhile, people believe there’s no getting around the fact that analytics tools can’t handle the large data sets organizations are amassing. So people and systems work to break data into silos and bring them into analytics tools for analysis. This process of prepping data is so tedious, yet it’s been accepted as a fact of life.

What if we said you actually CAN do analytics on large data sets? With the right type of analytics engine—one that can directly query the data where it is—you can. In our latest guide, Mythbusting Business Intelligence vs. Decision Intelligence, we break down this and other myths to help you break free from the ingrained assumptions holding your organization back. And below, we provide a high-level look at the 12 myths we believe are impacting you the most.

Check out our infographic here:

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