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Analyst Report Bundle

Pyramid already had a strong reputation with enthusiastic customers. Now, we’re turning heads within the analyst community.


Introduction to the Decision Intelligence Platform

Introducing.. The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform.



Evolve or Get Left Behind: Client Success through a Strategic Partnership with Pyramid Analytics

As a trusted advisor to your customers, staying informed about the latest Analytics platforms available in the marketplace is something you need to add to your 2024 to-do list.
For example, did you know that Pyramid has the #1 AI-driven self-service analytics platform on the market?
At Pyramid we’re very committed to our valued partners. We are investing heavily in our partner program and engaging in joint activities with you to drive business growth.
Kick off the new year with a new partnership – Together we can deliver a future-proof platform.


Modern Data Ecosystems

– The role analytics and decision intelligence play in modern data ecosystems
– How Pyramid Analytics are approaching analytics in a modern way
– The importance of acting quickly and not waiting for ‘perfect data’


Transcend the Barriers to AI-Driven Analytics

AI is quickly becoming an essential tool for organizations to maintain their competitive edge. However, navigating the fast paced, ever evolving AI landscape can be challenging.

Analyst Reports

The BI & Analytics Survey 24 – BARC

In BARC’s 2024 survey Pyramid shines, receiving 35 top rankings and a perfect score for Embedded BI.


Unleashing the Power of Embedded Analytics with Pyramid and Onesix

Join Pyramid Analytics and OneSix as we delve into the power of embedded analytics and its potential to revolutionize your organization’s decision-making process.


Paving the Way into the Future of Healthcare, Pyramid and Tigma

Joining forces, Pyramid Analytics and Tigma Technologies offer a potent combination to accelerate your healthcare organization’s journey.

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