The Super Bowl in Stats: Interactive Football Dashboard

February 7, 2024
February 08, 2024

At Pyramid we breathe and sleep data, and for some of the team, they breathe and sleep data and football. So, in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, we put some football dashboards together. Look at some fun facts around the Super Bowl in dashboard 1, and see key Post Season stats for the Chiefs vs. 49ers in dashboard 2.  





We also put together a second dashboard focused on the two teams playing in the 58th Super Bowl – the Kansas Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers. This dashboard includes the most recent post season stats such as offensive yards, firstdowns, touchdowns and penalties as well as a look at quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes’ and Brock Purdy’s stats. 




How to Interact with the Dashboard 

Pyramid dashboards are all about interactivity and visually seeing how data points interact, by offering an intuitive user experience. Start on the left (“Teams with the Most Super Bowl Wins”) and click on a team to dynamically update the related data on the right. These include the most viewed Super Bowls, host states, top MVPs, wins by conference, and the coin toss by conference.  

  • You can also hover over each bar in the “Top Most Viewed Super Bowl” chart to see more details such as attendance, participating teams, or TV viewership ratings. 
  • To reset any results hit the circle arrow icon in the top right corner.  


Add in or Swap Data Points 

The data presented isn’t static and there are a lot of other data points. Add in more data points relating to the team or Super Bowl such as MVPs, coaches, conferences, or divisions. You can also slice and dice data by choosing to swap or remove data points.   

  • To do so right click on data interactions and click on Add/Remove/Swap. 
  • For example, right click on one of the bars in the “Teams with the Most Super Bowl Wins” chart and select Data interactions -> Swap -> team info -> Conference, and the chart will be sorted by conferences. Next right click Pivot, and the bar color will be one of two colors, indicating which conference each winning team is part of. Hover over the bars for more info. 
  • Change how the data is visually represented by right clicking on Extended Operations and choosing different chart types. 

You can also gain a more in-depth understanding of the data by clicking on Smart Insights, the first icon shaped like a crystal ball. There are 3 types of insights, which can be selected from the top right tab, which automatically starts with “light”.   

Alternatively change what you see on the screen by asking the Natural Language Querying Chat to add, replace or remove data, or change how the visuals look among other queries.  

  • The NLQ Chat Bot is the second icon when you hover over any of the individual charts, and it’s shaped like atoms.  
  • For example, for the “Teams with the Most Super Bowl Wins” you can type in “Show as stacked column chart” and the visual chart will change. 
  • Type in “reset” or “restart” or “start over” to reset the chat session.  
  • Learn more about what you can ask the NLQ Chat Bot. 


Looking at the Teams in More Depth 

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