Presenting Data Shark – Pyramid Analytics CEO Omri Kohl’s Podcast

January 1, 2024
January 01, 2024

Introducing Data Shark Podcast, with Omri Kohl

Pyramid Analytics’ CEO, Omri Kohl, is a busy man and while he’s busy running a company, he also has a lot of wisdom to share about the business analytics world. And what better way to do that than by launching a podcast – aptly called Data Shark. 


In the first episode, Omri sits down with journalist Tal Shahaf, and we get to know the CEO’s story. Omri shares his life story and how he started his journey into the world of data and BI, and into building a data driven culture 


“My passion is to make this company a category leader… Data can be a significant part of making a company stand out in their industry. I want to change the way people see data utilization.” – Omri Kohl  

In the second episode, the topic is ROI and Tal Shahaf joins Omri once again. The two delved into key BI components, connecting diverse data assets, harnessing AI and discussed the common traits shared by companies with the highest ROIs. The subject also turned to the realm of private LLMs, and ensuring data security.   

In the third episode, Omri is joined by Pyramid’s co-founder and CTO, Avi Perez, where the two talk about the future of data, their friendship, the rise of AI, how they feel competing against industry giants, and share a lot of other funny stories in between.  


“Here we are in 2023, I would probably tell you the biggest thing in the world today is AI and the thing sitting behind AI is the data. It’s all about the data.” – Avi Perez 


Want to catch every episode?  

To catch each episode, as it is released, you can subscribe via YouTube, Apple Podcast or Spotify, where future episodes will drop.  If you want to hear other wisdom Omri has to share you can  follow Omri on Instagram and LinkedIn 




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