A closer look into Pyramid Analytics with BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey 24

November 29, 2023
December 05, 2023
Pyramid Analytics receives excellent reviews in BARC’s annual survey on BI and analytics field, BARC’s The BI and Analytics Survey 2024, with 41 leading positions, 35 Top Rankings and a perfect score for Flexibility.

The BI & Analytics Survey is published every year, and what makes this report unique is that it is based on Customer Feedback. So why is this important?

Think of the last time you made a significant personal purchase – maybe a phone? Your car? There is a high probability that you took the time to research not only that item, but the manufacturer as well.  While websites and marketing materials can make an item sound amazing, reviews from purchasers hold more weight. What did they like?  What was the manufacturer like to work with?  And most importantly, would you recommend them, and buy from them again? 

Shouldn’t this same process occur when making an investment in technology? And here within lies the power of BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey 24.

There are 24 detailed categories covered within this report across 8 Peer Groups – ranging from feature/function, experiences, and support. Let’s start with feature/function.

How did Pyramid do?

Pyramid has received Top Ranking for Functionality for the 5th year in a row. We were also Top Ranked for Data Preparation, Dashboards & Reports, Distribution of Reports, Operational BI, Embedded BI, Visual Analysis, and Advanced & Predictive Analytics, Functionality, and Innovation.


Many legacy BI and analytics tools were designed decades ago and were not architected to handle the volumes of data that most organizations have today, nor were they designed to solve the wide range of challenges that many organizations face today. 

We believe that an analytics platform should provide. Our platform can help you solve a wide range of business challenges that you face today, from the simple to the sophisticated.  And this is exactly where the legacy BI solutions disappoint – and where Pyramid rises to the challenge in solving complex problems that your business faces today.   

It all starts with your data – Pyramid’s extensive data preparation and data modeling capabilities provide data governance to assure that your business users are accessing the right data at the right time, and that your data is trusted data.  With Pyramid there is NO data replication or data movement, or data ingestion required. 

 Pyramid Analytics has received Top Ranking for Functionality for the 5th year in a row in BARC’s The BI and Analytics Survey 2024.
Pyramid has received Top Ranking for Functionality for the 5th year in a row.

Embedded BI

One area that we are seeing more and more as a need for many organizations is embedding analytics inside their existing applications – for Embedded BI, Pyramid received a Perfect Score.

In some cases, our customers have branded the analytics as their own and their business users have no idea that they are even using Pyramid.  Others are improving customer satisfaction and customer retention by providing their customers with insights about their own data, completely secured and governed. 

Ease of Use, User Experience and Flexibility

The Pyramid platform is business user centric, and our goal is to provide analytics in an easy-to-use way, while being able to solve even the most complex business challenges. 

Many BI tools on the market are focused on the developer and built their tools with a developer mindset, ignoring the needs of the traditional business user.  We understand that your user community has different levels of technical sophistication, and making analytics easy to use is key to your success. 

Pyramid Analytics valued by Customers in BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey 24, with a Perfect Score for Flexibility and Top Rankings for Ease of Use and User Experience. BARC’s survey is the most comprehensive report on BI and analytics software, and is based on 1,480 responses from real users.
From an experience standpoint, Pyramid was Top Ranked for Ease of Use, User Experience, and received a Perfect Score for Flexibility.

Our Self-Service and Augmented Analytics capabilities have been designed specifically to make analytics easy to use for even the most non-technical business user. Being flexible enough to meet the needs of any user in your organization will drive your data literacy. When it comes to flexibility we’re good for both the user experience and deployment, with support for on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployments.

At Pyramid we have a customer-first culture and strive to be your strategic partner throughout your journey to become more data-driven.  There are too many players in the BI and Analytics world that will simply treat you like another invoice.  Our support is a team approach – from Customer Support to Customer Success, to our Consulting Services (if you need them), all here to make sure you are successful. 
While our platform is intuitive and easy to use, we also offer an extensive LMS, and additionally have a growing online community of amazing customers doing amazing things.  Our customers’ success is truly our success.

What else did Pyramid rank for?

This year we were also Top Ranked for Customer Satisfaction, Vendor Support, Implementor Support, Project Success, and Business Value.

I hope this provides you with a good idea of why Pyramid Analytics is drawing so much attention from the analyst community.  Our web site provides several interactive tourials and videos, however, if you would like to learn more about how we can help your organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us: see Pyramid in Action

For more information on BARC’s The BI and Analytics Survey, go to https://barc.com/de/reviews/ and https://www.bi-survey.com/

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