Analytics Innovators: Refinitiv

November 17, 2020

Learn how Refinitiv optimizes internal operations with analytics from Pyramid

Refinitiv is driven by data. The financial technology giant provides financial market data and intelligence to over 40,000 institutions in over 190 countries. Just as the company is driven to provide data and intelligence products that increase the performance and success of its customer base, Refinitiv is driven to improve internal business processes continually.

Like any company with a storied history, it’s constantly seeking ways to harness both legacy and new data and technology assets to create new value. The financial services company (formerly known as Thomson Reuters) is committed to pursuing digital transformation initiatives that honor its heritage as it invests in the future.

How is Refinitiv using business intelligence from Pyramid Analytics to increase operational efficiency, improve data security, and make faster decisions?

Join us for this 30-minute webinar with Refinitiv’s Finance Manager-BI, Anthony Fine.

A webinar series for those in pursuit of excellence using analytics

Refinitiv uses analytics to:

  • Make decision-making proactive
  • Improve sales processes
  • Increase reporting speed
  • Increase data governance

Presented by:

Anthony Fine Finance Manager – BI at Refinitiv

Richard Osbourn, VP of Customer Success at Pyramid Analytics

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