Analytics Innovators: Philadelphia Healthcare

December 15, 2020

Learn how Philadelphia is building a data-driven culture with Pyramid

Philadelphia Healthcare (Philadelphia) is a mission-driven organization that seeks to support people with disabilities, and give them resources to live healthy, meaningful lives. The Amersfoort-based care management organization supports more than 8,200 clients from nearly 530 locations throughout the Netherlands.

Join us for this 30-minute webinar with BI Analysts Maaike van den Berg and Janneke Richter. You’ll hear how Philadelphia is building a data-driven culture with Pyramid.

A webinar series for those in pursuit of excellence using analytics

To service such a large and complex operation, Philadelphia is committed to using data and analytics to drive better decisions. Pyramid Analytics is a key part of their comprehensive strategy to transform their use of analytics to:

  • Elevate reporting from basic dashboards to intuitive, KPI-driven dashboards
  • Develop BI processes that evolve from individual usage to collaborative group-based usage
  • Increase decision-making throughout the organization—empowering every employee to make decisions based on data
  • Shift analytics from descriptive analyses to diagnostic analyses—with a goal of practicing predictive analyses in the future

Presented By:

Maaike van den Berg BI Analyst at Philadelphia

Janneke Richter BI Analyst at Philadelphia

Richard Osbourn VP of Customer Success at Pyramid Analytics

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