Pyramid Combines the Power of Generative AI with Decision Intelligence

March 23, 2023
June 09, 2023

Learn how Pyramid continues to innovate with Generative AI from OpenAI and what it means for all types of people that use our Decision Intelligence Platform

Pyramid Analytics is changing the game by bringing together the power of ChatGPT with augmented analytics in a single Decision Intelligence Platform. In our latest release, we’ve given businesses the ability to enrich enterprise analytics with data sourced from ChatGPT natural language prompts.

Pyramid’s unique approach combines the power of OpenAI’s generative AI engine with Pyramid’s existing AI engines to create a completely unique approach to analyzing data to drive decisions. This new capability opens endless possibilities for new and innovative types of analysis. It puts the entire body of publicly available analytic content (demographics, financial indicators, time series, economic indicators, etc.) at your team’s fingertips directly in the flow of their analysis in Pyramid. We are confident this combination can unleash creativity, improve productivity, and drive faster, better decisions with data within your organization.

Let’s explore a single scenario. Imagine as an analyst wanted to derive an estimate of sales penetration by country. The internal data set includes the number of customers by country, but the data set doesn’t include population data. By using Pyramid’s OpenAI integration and typing in a simple prompt, users can retrieve the population data they need and derive metrics using publicly sourced data against their internal data within a fully secured, governed platform.

Analysts can extend the analysis by generating natural language narrative explanations that incorporate metrics from the enriched data set, generate data-driven ChatGPT narratives, and use the native AI engines in Pyramid for further analysis and data visualizations.

 Figure 1. Analysts get the combined power of ChatGPT plus Pyramid’s native AI-driven features.
Figure 1. Analysts get the combined power of ChatGPT plus Pyramid’s native AI-driven features.

With this approach, the possibilities for improving decision-making are endless. This approach unlocks many possibilities to leverage these powerful technologies to blend analysis of internal corporate data with the thousands of data sets and metrics available via ChatGPT. These datasets include various types of numerical information, such as:

  • Statistical data such as population figures, demographics, and historical trends.
  • Economic indicators, including labor force, employment, GDP, and more.
  • Financial data, such as datasets related to financial markets, stock prices, company financials, economic indicators, and other financial metrics.
  • Scientific data, including numeric datasets from various scientific fields, including physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and more.
  • Algorithms & Mathematical formulas, equations, units, and measures.
  • Geospatial data, such as geographical and spatial information, such as coordinates, maps, distances, and geographic statistics.
  • Time series data consisting of temperature records, stock market prices, or other time-dependent measurements.

These are just some examples of the diverse range of numeric datasets available via ChatGPT that can be used to enrich internal data or derive metrics on the fly within Pyramid to include in your analysis.

More Integrations with GPT in Pyramid

Our latest OpenAI integration builds upon already existing capabilities to leverage generative AI within the Pyramid platform. Late last year, Pyramid integrated GPT AI technology from OpenAI throughout our end-to-end platform, including data preparation, data science, storyboard, and publication design, as well in the Tabulate and Solve for business and decision modeling.

Specifically, here is what different types of users can do with the new OpenAI integration:

  • Data analysts can generate syntactically accurate SQL, DAX, and MDX code automatically for complex data extraction queries, saving them time and reducing the potential for errors in manual coding. (Data preparation)
  • Data scientists can automatically generate Python and R code to drive machine learning logic, allowing them to focus on the high-level logic of machine learning models rather than the manual coding required to build them. (Data science)
  • Business analysts can generate designs for content and graphics for storyboarding and publications, saving time and streamlining the content creation process. They can also integrate ChatGPT into dynamic text driven live from source data and create model attributes based on ChatGPT results. (Business analytics)
  • Business professionals can build spreadsheet formulas for users constructing business models, reducing the time and effort required to create complex models. (Tabulate/Solve)

There is no doubt that this is a powerful combination of AI technologies for Decision Intelligence. The existing Pyramid NLQ engines, designed to analyze private enterprise data, can now drive and enhance broader insights. Critically, with innovative ChatGPT integrations, our existing AI-driven features — like natural language query (NLQ), Chat Bot, Smart Insights, Smart Model, Auto Discovery, Fill the Blanks, Explain, and more – are even more robust.

And the market has noticed. Leading analyst Gartner, Inc. has placed Pyramid in its Visionary Quadrant in its 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms*. And Pyramid ranked highest for the Augmented Consumer and Business Analyst Use Cases in the 2023 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence (ABI Platforms) report. Other respected analysts, such as 451 Research, Ventana Research, and BARC, have applauded our platform-based approach to enterprise analytics. Overall, OpenAI integration is helping all types of professionals involved with the data analytics process to be more productive and efficient in their work.

Listen, there’s a reason why Gartner ranked us #1 for in two Critical Capabilities. We’re integrating AI-assisted capabilities in places that provide real utility. Our OpenAI integration makes our augmented feature set more complete and more impressive. And there’s plenty more to come.

See a quick tour of the OpenAI integrations in the Pyramid Platform

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