Decision Intelligence Platform Overview

September 2, 2022


The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform is a no-code, business user-centric application comprising three core disciplines that drive the factory for decision-making: data preparation, data science, and business analytics.

Using Data Prep tools, you can import, clean, enhance, and mash-up data from one or more sources. Then add virtual semantic models to the data structures with sophisticated functions like complex data joins, hierarchies, additive, and semi-additive measures.

With integrated Data Science and machine learning tools, train, test, and apply predictive models against real-world data sets using built-in machine learning libraries, Python code, or R scripts.

Use Business Analytics tools to self-build content that can be shared with non-technical users. †This includes data discoveries and visualizations, custom business logic, natural language text and infographics, storyboards for interactive data storytelling, and report bursting.

Apply various AI-driven tools, like natural language querying, auto-discovery, and automated insights, to solve complex business problems without coding.

Underpinning the platform is PYRANA, a world-class, high-performance, super-fast direct query engine. PYRANA lets you run queries directly against almost any SQL or MDX data stack. It comes complete with its own robust analytical formulation language, ìprequelî, to help answer complicated business questions quickly.

The Pyramid UI is entirely web-based, making deployment, governance, and security simple while facilitating collaboration and socialization of insights.

And the server architecture is highly scalable and can be deployed natively or via containerized Kubernetes into any environment: on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid combinations.

Pyramid: For what’s next in data.

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