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The Physician Alliance future-proofs its business.


Innovative membership organization partners with Pyramid Analytics for its flexibility, speed of implementation, and endless revenue possibilities.

The Physician Alliance struggled with data organization, rising BI costs, and needed flexibility for frequent business changes. Pyramid Analytics' Decision Intelligence Platform provided direct access to data, AI-guided, no-code user experience, automated reports, and quick adaptation to new use cases. The switch to Pyramid saved $350,000/year and enhanced flexibility, enabling better decision-making and uncovering new revenue possibilities.
Undemocratized and trapped data restricted better decision-making and member savings. Pyramid's platform enabled secure, self-service access to data and easy integration with existing R and Python codes. The solution expedited the creation of data-rich dashboards, improving decision-making agility.
Frequent business goal shifts required a flexible partner. Pyramid Analytics, known for flexibility and easy system integration, was chosen. Pyramid enabled quick adaptation to new business initiatives and use cases.
Future-proofing and uncovering new revenue streams were essential. The Physician Alliance explored Pyramid's potential for service provision, predictive analytics, and AI-automated Smart Insights. Pyramid opened new revenue opportunities and broadened possibilities, providing unexpected benefits.

The Physician Alliance supports 2,400 physicians, including approximately 1,800 specialists and 600 primary-care physicians, serving nearly 600,000 patients in southeast Michigan. Their mission is to improve the health of patient populations by providing their physician members with innovative solutions that allow them to be financially successful in an ever-changing healthcare market.


In addition to financial claims data and data from more than 20 electronic medical record (EMR) systems, The Physician Alliance pulls data from numerous external sources, including vendors and regulatory bodies. Organizing all that data and implementing centralized governance was proving to be a struggle. Plus, they wanted to use their data to make better decisions and save money for their members. The organization was using a BI platform that was created and hosted by a third party, but service had been going down while expenses kept going up.

“Once we started looking at moving away from that third-party company and bringing our analytics in-house, we realized there was a lot more we could be doing — things we never even thought of since we didn’t control the platform,” says John Luzier, director of data analytics for The Physician Alliance. “Our data was there, but not democratized — it was trapped in a way that people were not able to use.”

In addition to helping its members keep their doors open, the organization realized it needed to uncover new revenue streams to support its own ongoing profitability. They also wanted flexibility to handle frequent changes to their business. They don’t own their members’ practices, they’re not part of the health system, and they’re not part of Blue Cross. But because they are heavily involved with all those entities, their goals, and objectives can change on a dime. In fact, their revenue model recently changed, and they had to quickly pivot to a new system. They needed a partner that would provide that kind of flexibility — now and for the future.

They needed Pyramid Analytics.


Pyramid’s unified Decision Intelligence Platform provides The Physician Alliance with flexibility and future-proofing, including:

  • Multi-source direct access to any data at scale with the fastest direct query engine in one easy-to-use, central platform
  • An AI-guided, no-code user experience with secure, governed self-service for anyone to access data and uncover insights
  • A robust automated report and dashboard publishing module
  • The ability to quickly ramp up initiatives and respond to new use cases

“The flexibility and extensibility were the biggest draws of Pyramid,” John says. “When I was evaluating products, those were the two things that put me over the top. I was able to integrate my existing R and Python code seamlessly. It was far easier than it was in other platforms.”


With Pyramid Analytics, The Physician Alliance was able to quickly create panel management systems, augment cost analytics to help physicians capture more revenue, and expand dashboard access to regional medical directors and select practices. It was all part of an effort to access and employ their data to inform better decisions — and uncover new revenue possibilities.

The Physician Alliance got Pyramid up and running within six months. “I don’t know of any BI software on the market where we could get that done that way,” John says. “Pyramid has a very quick time to implementation.”

The switch to Pyramid from their former platform has saved The Physician Alliance $350,000 a year, which has proved to be quite significant for an organization that currently sees $5 million a year in revenue.

They have already created a number of dashboards with a lot of data behind them. “We were able to create a model and use it several different ways,” John says. “Once we had our basic and claims models, we have been able to use them in most of our production use cases without having to go back and recreate the wheel. That made us very flexible and much quicker to get things done.

“Flexibility was the No. 1 thing we were looking for, and it ended up being the absolute most important thing about selecting Pyramid,” John says. “We were able to not only get the things we originally bought it for up and running quickly and easily, but we got new things we hadn’t even thought of.”


The Physician Alliance is now actively looking at using Pyramid Analytics to:

  1. Provide services to other organizations and seamlessly scale their analytics to be just as useful for a one-doctor practice as they are for large practices
  2. Use predictive analytics to manage patient and practice fees and costs
  3. Employ Pyramid’s AI-automated Smart Insights to help guide their internal decision-makers — and allow their member practices to do more self-service analyses

“Pyramid has unlocked some new possible revenue opportunities for us,” John says. “It has opened up possibilities that we didn’t have going into this. It has been wonderful, with unexpected benefits.”

With Pyramid Analytics, The Physician Alliance can:

  • Unlock considerable cost savings.
  • Democratize data access.
  • Adapt swiftly to business changes.
  • Tap into new revenue opportunities.

Pyramid has unlocked some new possible revenue opportunities for us. It has opened up possibilities that we didn’t have going into this. It has been wonderful, with unexpected benefits.

– John Luzier, Director of Data Analytics at The Physician Alliance

Data to Decision – Modern, Self-Service Analytics at St. Joseph’s Health and The Physician Alliance

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