Pyramid 2023 Release: Tabulate

June 13, 2023

Designed to bring the power of a spreadsheet interface to the Pyramid platform to further support business modeling use cases. With its huge library of functions and tight compatibility with Excel, Tabulate lets users build and manage business models that are driven by live, hydrated data; save and share the spreadsheets inside Pyramid’s governed content management system; and deploy business model insights to non-technical users though embedded content in presentations or publications.

Tabulate Lite further extends the Tabulate app and provides a simplified, wizard-driven approach to creating and using spreadsheet functionality inside the Pyramid platform.

  • Speed up time-to-insights with live connections to direct-queried data in a familiar spreadsheet-like experience
  • Easily and quickly combine data from multiple data sources and queries
  • Eliminate risk around data security and governance
  • Seamlessly build and share business models, logic, and visualizations in a single platform
  • Access to the entire library of 500+ familiar Excel formulas
  • Tabulate Lite joins our series of simplified apps for ease of use with users who have less experience in data analytics

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