Decision Intelligence Directors Series–Snap Analytics

January 31, 2023

Data to Decision: DI Directors Episode 3

Please join us for this installment of the Decision Intelligence Directors Series – 15-minute LinkedIn Live interviews with experts in the data and analytics space. In this episode, we talk to David Rice, CEO and Founder of Snap Analytics.

Snap Analytics’ dream team of data engineers, data warehousing experts, and advanced analytics gurus helps organisations to get the insights they need to run their business more effectively. They deliver solutions that simplify and accelerate data projects, with a clear focus on ensuring that technology and data help companies to achieve their strategic goals, whatever they may be. With 75% of people feeling overwhelmed when using data, they aim to create a world where data makes sense.

We ask David to share a bit about himself, what inspired him to set up Snap Analytics, and how they are helping users to derive the maximum value from their data. In addition, we’ll learn a little more about the challenges of analyzing data in SAP ecosystems and how Snap Analytics unlocks the potential of SAP-based data.

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