Do you know your analytics TCO?

Calling all changemakers: Cut through the noise of a fragmented analytics landscape. Make your analytics strategic, not scattered. How much are your analytics tools really costing you? Can you do more with less? Let us count the ways.
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Streamline your analytics stack with a unified business and decision intelligence platform.

Empower through AI-driven self-service

Make everyone a data-driven decision-maker with AI-driven self-service. Reduce costs, crank up productivity, and broaden the reach of your analytics with a platform built for scale.

blockquote Pyramid has unlocked some new possible revenue opportunities for us. It has opened up possibilities that we didn’t have going into this. It has been wonderful, with unexpected benefits.
- John Luzier, Director of Data Analytics at The Physician Alliance

Tame tool sprawl

Pyramid’s unified platform brings data prep, business analytics, and data science under one roof. Works with on-premises and cloud applications, data warehouses, data lakes—across different clouds and stacks. Fewer tools, simpler workflows, tons of savings.

blockquote Pyramid just gives us more. It allows us to work smarter rather than harder; it allows our teams to dive in deeper and get a better understanding of members and their behaviors.
- Eric Righetti, AVP Retail Delivery at Community Choice Credit Union

Un-wack your stack

Forget ingestion. Eliminate data replication and movement costs with direct query technology that goes straight to the source. The result? Lower costs, quicker decisions, and more value out of your current stack.

blockquote Pyramid‘s Decision Intelligence platform was exactly the right solution for us in terms of price point, functionality, and usability—and just what we needed to start convincing our people of a different way to consume data, rather than through PDFs and Excel.
- John Stakel, Head of Information Technology at Export Packers

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Where can you save?

Self-Service Analytics

Empower decision-makers everywhere with no-code, self-service analytics to do their job effectively.

  • Reduce report authoring costs
  • Reduce adoption costs and gain productivity
  • Save on training and support

Data Replication

Run queries directly on your data estate to save big on data replication costs.

  • Reduce data movement costs
  • Reduce data warehousing costs
  • Minimize costs of backend queries

Tools & Infrastructure

Reduce complexity and costs across the data landscape (and allow for hybrid environments).

  • Save on licensing costs
  • Reduce infrastructure and hosting expenses
  • Reduce administration and service costs

Opportunity Cost

Embrace decision intelligence across the organization to generate more revenue and reduce risk.

  • Capitalize on new revenue gains
  • Mitigate risk
  • Monetize your data