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Striving for the success of your students

Educational institutions everywhere are discovering the benefits of analytics as part of a larger strategic move toward evidence-based decision making. With education analytics, institutions have the opportunity to boost retention rates, improve curricula, increase quality of instruction, and enable adaptive learning.

Self-service access to education analytics data enables optimization of institutional performance through simplified reporting, analysis, and continuous operational improvements.

In addition, this same investment can extend to faculty and students to support research and learning.



Partnering for success with Blackboard Analytics

Blackboard Intelligence provides colleges and universities with analytics for student management and learning as well as tools to monitor and manage finance, HR, and advancement. With the Pyramid Analytics platform, institutions can optimize their performance while also improving learning outcomes for students.

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Taking research & collaboration to the next level

Pyramid delivers a robust end-to-end solution so you spend less time on the data cleansing and processing, and more time on extracting key insights.

Managing data in Pyramid is simple. You can easily import, manage, and work from multiple data sets - no need to work with data outside of the Analytics OS platform. In addition, you are able to apply powerful statistical and machine learning tools and techniques to take your research to the next level.

Pyramid is built with collaboration in mind. You can share data sets, models and dashboards, and manage user rights so you're always in control of what is being accessed. Now you can share a research work space with your graduate students and research assistants, and with other faculty collaborators anywhere in the world.


Fostering data driven students

The demand for advanced analysts and data scientists exists worldwide. Pyramid provides students with a platform to learn, experiment, and develop their analytic skill sets. From basic analysis and reporting, to predictive analytic content, students can now conduct advanced research in an easy to use environment.

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