Data silo epidemic

The data silo problem

Most data lives in silos: functional, technological, or departmental. Critical data needed by your decision makers is often locked in functional applications with proprietary reporting platforms. Enterprise data warehouse projects try to bridge these barriers, but they have slow time to value and high maintenance costs. In today’s constantly evolving environment, many organizations have multiple, competing data warehouse investments. None of them complete. None of them authoritative.

Adding new big data initiatives and data lakes only heightens the fragmentation and isolation.

These siloed solutions never satisfy the long-term requirements of organizations' data management plans or user needs. Far worse, they make collaboration and decision-making difficult and often leave out critical factors because the complementary data is behind an arbitrary wall in another system.

Silos are real

The data silo solution

Pyramid's Analytics OS offers an agnostic architecture that enables access to data across all organizational data silos. This allows decision makers to benefit from a broader view of information they don’t currently see today. In addition, IT teams can leverage all data investments across any technology stack or deployment platform without large and expensive consolidation or data warehousing projects. No more data silos! 

 Solution is now

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