Pyramid 2020.20—Bringing Decision Intelligence Into Focus

We're thrilled to announce the availability of Pyramid 2020.20! Pyramid's Decision Intelligence Platform dramatically accelerates time to insight, empowers teams with best-in-class self-service balanced with deep data governance, and maximizes ROI on data and analytics investments.

You Asked, We Delivered

One of our company values is that we're customer obsessed. Over 80% of our new features we've added to the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform are from customer requests. With Pyramid 2020.20, our breadth of functionality continues to get even more comprehensive. Highlights include:


A new on-demand, AI-driven feature that allows any user to dig deeper into their data, direct to source, without the need of data ingestion. With a single click, users get faster insights into key drivers and influencers through automated analysis, with the least amount of effort.

Custom Workflow API

A new framework and API that allows users to build custom workflows using an existing conversations/annotations infrastructure. The workflow includes conversation experiences, task managers, extended documentation tools, tracking/bug frameworks, and provides users with the ability to design their own “actionable analytics” capability into the platform.

Parent-Child Hierarchies

We now fully support Parent-Child Hierarchies in Pyramid models (for any SQL database), as well as SAP HANA, against the data directly. Leveraging Parent-Child Hierarchies is a critical component for any organization, and often needed in most financial accounting scenarios, organizational analytics and geographic analytics.

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Better Usability Means Better Adoption

Analysts agree that most organizations still struggle with analytics adoption, especially for non-technical business users. Not with Pyramid Analytics. Our customers find our Decision Intelligence Platform easy to use for everyone from the C-Suite to field operations, and supports all use cases, from the simple to the sophisticated. With Pyramid 2020.20, we continue to enhance the user experience and to expand adoption. Highlights include:

Pyramid Learning Hub

Direct connection into our new LMS self-learning system— Pyramid Learning Hub. The Pyramid Learning Hub helps you develop your Pyramid skills with eLearning and expert-led courses.

Conditional Formatting

New capabilities to Conditional Formatting make it both easier and more sophisticated for users to access this functionality through both point-and-click options and more advanced dialog configurations.

Formatting Tools

The Formatting Tools are redesigned to make it far easier, quicker, and more intuitive to format visualizations in the platform. By presenting a better way to find and adjust format options, users can build better-looking content that can be consumed and used more effectively.

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Want to learn more?

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